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5 THRIVE modules for returning to work

5 THRIVE modules for returning to work

5 THRIVE modules for returning to work


Leading through COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time for leaders. How do you provide reassurance and a sense of security during a time of such uncertainty? Here’s some tips as a starter for ten.

Continuing the kindness

The Coronavirus pandemic has opened our eyes to the importance of looking out for one another, and the value of community spirit. As many people start returning to work and regaining some sense of normality, let’s not forget the lessons we learnt and to continue the kindness.

Working safely through COVID-19

You might be going back to work, but it’s likely to be far from ‘business as usual’. We all want to keep ourselves, and each other, safe at work. Here’s where to start with protecting against COVID-19 in the workplace.

Leading through change

There’s always a good reason for workplace change, but the uncertainty it brings can make it scary. In this module, learn how to lead your team sensitively and successfully through change at work.

How to: Stop the spread

This how to guide shows you how to master the #sleevesneeze, and gives you some interesting information around why it’s so important we stop the spread.

Ready to get involved? We’ve got you. 

We’re helping remote teams around the world learn new skills. Preview out content for yourself and learn why the likes of Nandos, Card Factory and GVC love our microlearning.


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