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Why auto curation matters in learning

Save time and supercharge your learning platform

As learning practices change, so does L&D. The days of long, linear and realistically, boring courses are making way for learners turning to a wider range of sources and content for their learning needs.

Learning in the flow of work

70% of people say they find external sources either essential or very useful. And it makes sense. Think about how you learn at work, you come across a challenge in Sheets, what’s the first thing you do? Yep, Google it. Then you might end up watching multiple YouTube videos, reading a forum post or two and flicking through a few articles about how to create pivot tables. Suddenly, you’re learning from a range of sources in the flow of work.

But let’s start from the beginning, why is content curation important in the first place?

Content curation is essential

Third-party content has always been a useful source for L&D teams, and it’s now more important than ever.

Harold Jarche’s Seek-Sense-Share model sets out the practical steps for finding the right external content to curate. 

Firstly, you should seek out timely, relevant and useful content for your audience. Next, you should provide a sense of why the content is so useful, using the insights you’ve learned through your own research. 

Finally, you should share the content and your insights in a place where people are going to see it, such as a learning experience platform..

There’s always a ‘but’…

With the sheer amount of content out there, no one person can look through it all to find the best content. If a learning provider is trawling through mountains of content, pretty soon they’ll feel content overload

The problem here, then, is this: has the person manually curating the content actually found the best of what’s out there?

Each L&D provider wants to give the most practical and effective advice, whether it’s through their own content or that which they curate. So what’s the solution?

Hint: It’s in the title

Why auto curation matters in learning

Auto curation saves time, and prevents those curating content from getting fatigued. It also helps to provide the learner a more steady stream of fresh and useful content from a range of different sources. 

By using an auto curation tool and setting up the right parameters, you can provide quality, useful content from industry leaders that’ll help power your very own internal Google search. .

A tool like Anders Pink for example, which is integrated into every THRIVE LXP, will curate content from millions of sources around the web such as TED talks and articles in a much more timely fashion. 

What’s more, you’re using your learning platform to reflect the learning experiences consumers have everyday, encouraging deeper engagement and ultimately a culture of just-in-time learning.

Your learning platform has a big role to play 

Auto curation puts the learner in control. They choose what to learn and when they need to learn it. All the features in a Learning Experience Platform are built to support this, personalisation, social learning, machine learning and more.

But the most important functionality? A strong search. 

When a user searches for a term like ‘leadership’, you want to be able to serve them the most relevant material to support learning in the flow of work. Whether it’s an existing YouTube video, article from Forbes or book insights from a tool like getAbstract. A strong search will make sure your users learning objectives are met with the right solution. 

Want to find out more? See how an LXP like THRIVE brings the modern learning experiences your users expect to the workplace. Or speak to a member of our THRIVE Tribe to explore what other auto curation tools integrate with our LXP. 


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