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Five steps to effective communication wherever you're working

Overcome all your communication challenges whether face-to-face or remote with these simple steps.

Richard Bailey Marketing Executive

Five steps to effective communication wherever you're working

The world is a far different place than it was just a year ago. With less face-to-face communication and much more of a reliance on technology, messages can easily get lost in translation as they pass from person to person.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. These tough challenges we face with communication can be overcome by following a simple checklist that helps you and your teams communicate effectively wherever you’re working.


Start with your 'why' - what's the trigger for you needing to communicate? Is it absolutely necessary?

  • Why do you need to pass on your message?
  • Why does the information you have need to go beyond you?
  • Why might someone else need to know what you do?

This forms the purpose of your communication. If you can't think of a valid 'why' then it may be best to stay quiet for now until you have more information. 


Define who is in your audience. We’ve all been on annoying endless email threads that have no relevance to us, so consider if you’re communicating to the right people:

  • Who does this impact?
  • Who needs to know now? 
  • Who doesn't need to know just yet?

Communicating with the right people at the right time stops knowledge being locked away. Nobody who could benefit from hearing what you have to say should be left out but be wary including those who might not be relevant when hitting that “reply all”.


Now consider what the content in your message needs to be. Think about:

  • What information do your audience need to know? 
  • What details would you want if you were in their situation?
  • What questions might they have that you can answer now?

Your key message should be clear and concise, so think about what the heart of the message you want to get across is and focus on that.


Think about where your message will be best shared. There’s so many different options in today’s world, work instant messenger, whatsapp, a phone call or even the lockdown favourite, Zoom. 

  • Where can you share your message so it reaches the right people?
  • Which communication channel is most appropriate?
  • Would a written paper trail or information to go back to later on be helpful?

Long email thread that could've been a 10 minute conversation? Nah. Different communication channels suit different kinds of information better than others.


Think about when your message needs to be shared. What you have to say could be a matter of life and death (I hope not literally). Maybe the recipient is out of office and it could wait until they return when you have their full attention. Here’s three key things to consider; 

  • When do you need to pass on information?
  • Is the matter pressing or can you wait for a response?
  • When will it be too late to act?

There's a time and a place for everything! Strike that balance between keeping people updated and making sure you have the full story to tell them.

Ultimately, if others could benefit from what you have to say, it's important that your knowledge isn't locked away and stuck with you. Communicating effectively is now more essential than ever, so use the five w’s as your guide to getting your message across.

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Interested in exploring more about communication and the skills your teams need to communicate well and overcome any barriers to communication? 

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