Four steps to get more time

Essential ways to plan your time more effectively

Laura Gavin Copywriter

Four steps to get more time

Time is something we’ve all had to re-evaluate our relationship with since the pandemic. Whether you were doubling up on homeschooling and working at the same time, or you experienced the long hours of self-isolation, your concept of time has probably changed quite a bit since last year.

While the lack of social events and opportunities to see family and friends undoubtedly impacted our mental health, some saw a clear schedule as an opportunity to step back and examine our lives, what we make time for, and what we can do without.

So how can the lessons we learned last year help us plan our time more effectively now? And is it really possible to create more time in our days, without feeling like we’re squeezed between one appointment and the next?


Plan your week in advance, striking a balance between work time, leisure time, and free time each day. 

If you can't manage to get something done by the end of the day, don't beat yourself up! Write it down on tomorrow’s to-do list so you can get it out of your head and relax.


Don’t just prioritise the work deadlines and the chores. Create space for the things that keep you happy and well, too. 

If going for a run after work helps you to de-stress, make it happen. If you want some time on a crafting project this week, schedule it. If you just need time to potter in the garden, do it.

Finding time to relax is hard when you’re busy, but we all need it - to recuperate and get ready for the next challenge.


If your schedule is bursting at the seams, look at what really needs doing right now, and see what you can push back. There’s no shame in putting something off if it allows you to grab a bit of time back for yourself.

Social event you’re not looking forward to? You’re allowed to say ‘no’. Free up some hours for something you really care about instead.


Many of us have ‘gaps’ in our day between one meaningful task and the next - during breaks, the commute, scrolling through social media after work. 

If you’re looking to reclaim some minutes, harness one of these little pockets of time. Liven up a boring car journey by listening to an audiobook. Scribble down some ideas on the bus home. Swap half an hour on Twitter for catching up with a friend on the phone or a quick mindfulness session.

Alternatively: just enjoy the moment. If the lockdowns of the last year have taught us anything, it’s to make sure we hang on to those chances to pause and reflect, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”

- Marthe Troly-Curtin

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