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How can L&D improve workplace wellbeing?

3 tips for workplace wellness

The last few years have seen a major increase in workplaces recognising how important wellbeing is for their employees both in and out of work. This is absolutely a good thing.

17.5 million work days were lost across 2018-19 because of mental health conditions. In 2017-18, 27 million working days were lost to work-related ill-health of various types. 

As we pointed out in our ‘Beat the blues’ blog post for Blue Monday, one-off campaigns that try and promote wellbeing definitely aren’t enough. Nor is only taking action once an employee does come forward and admits they’re struggling. A proactive approach is needed.

So, how can an organisation truly encourage good wellbeing throughout 2020 and beyond?

1. Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing

As important as providing a means of supporting your employees’ mental wellbeing is, it shouldn’t be the only string to your wellbeing offering’s bow. Activities and initiatives that tackle things like physical health and good lifestyle choices are also really important. 

Similarly, the healthiest workplaces make sure to educate employees on those things that create a welcoming environment for everyone: diversity and inclusion, communication, engagement and a good work-life balance. THRIVE’s equality & diversity and communication bundles provide much of the key information on these topics, for instance.

Tackling wellbeing from a number of angles shows employees that an organisation cares not just about their work performance, but also about their overall life satisfaction. It creates a culture of wellbeing.

The right culture comes from everyone getting involved, from the top down. CEO’s, managers and leaders should all be invested as much as anyone else. 

And how do you get investment? By addressing the wellbeing challenges that are most relevant to your employees…

2. A data-driven approach to wellbeing

Every workplace will put slightly different pressures on people, and different people will react to these pressures in different ways. A suitable wellbeing strategy for a call centre will probably be rather different to one for a construction company.

You shouldn’t stop once a suitable strategy is in place. Regularly evaluate whether it’s working or not. And what’s the only true way of knowing? Asking your employees. Things like ‘before’ and ‘after’ surveys and employee focus groups will help any organisation find out what’s worked and what hasn’t.

3. Providing personalised wellbeing experiences

This also helps you provide employees with more control over their wellness offering. Each worker will need different resources and tools to support their lifestyles. Which brings us nicely to our final trend.

Every individual has a role to play in making sure a workplace is healthy, and asking them for what they feel they need shows that a workplace cares. It’s also more likely to give the best results. It’s well documented just how big an effect positive wellbeing can have on performance levels, attendance and engagement at work.

So where does THRIVE’s elearning catalogue come in?

As much as promoting wellbeing is a continuous process, we recognise that wellbeing itself is a continuous thing. In fact, it’s one of the take-home messages of our new off-the-shelf bundle of wellbeing resources. Before anything else, your employees need the necessary information to understand why wellbeing in and out of work matters to them.

Providing the right information is the first step in creating a new culture of wellbeing. So, if you’re looking for engaging content to educate your organisation and show them you care, look no further than our elearning catalogue. 

But from there, any workplace that wants to really support its employees should make one thing an absolute priority: listening to them.


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