How to find your learning solutions soulmate

Tips to avoid a short term supplier fling.

Georgia Avery Solutions Architect

How to find your learning solutions soulmate

Everyone knows selecting the right learning solution or product comes first, but what about finding the right supplier? You could have the best product ever invented but without the right company and team behind it, your success could fall short. 

When it comes to building your shortlist there are too many options to count, so how do you know who’s right for you? Here are our tips to make sure your learning solutions provider is your absolute soulmate and not a short-term fling. 

It’s all about alignment

A supplier’s values will usually tell you how aligned you really are. Every brand has a personality, and values are a great place to start when discovering if a company’s compatible with yours, or as Love Island would say if they’re 100% your type on paper. 

Look out for those who assure you they’ll regularly feed you creative new ideas and continuously innovate their product. The best partners are proactive, curious and passionate about what they do and you don’t want a product that stands still. Continuous reinvestment in the product is essential to evolve and grow as your business does. 

Selecting the right supplier isn’t just about learning who they are. How they communicate and interact with you is super important too. Your experience from the very start should impact your selection process; how helpful are they? Are they friendly? Fun? Switched-on? Honest? Ethical? Human? 

These important qualities will have a huge impact on your day-to-day experience and you need a company you can rely on and enjoy working with. First impressions and gut instinct are usually enough to gauge, but if you’re unsure, any good learning provider will provide a reference call with current clients who are happy to back them up. 

Don’t be fooled by a number

Whether it’s the number of elearning courses or the number of learning platform features, bigger isn’t always better. Take an elearning catalogue for example, where would you start curating content from a supplier that has hundreds and thousands of courses? How can you be sure each module is up to date, has a purpose and is actually an engaging experience for your learners?

We believe in an ecosystem. A catalogue that’s well thought through, titles don’t overlap and each module or piece of content serves a meaningful purpose to change a specific attitude or behaviour.  

So, when it comes to an elearning catalogue supplier don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions:

  • What’s your approach to coming up with new titles?
  • How often is your content revisited and updated? 
  • What’s the shelf-life of your content and how long is it relevant for?
  • How do you ensure they are kept up-to-date with legislation?
  • How quickly will the content and the design date?
  • Does a piece of content stay in the catalogue forever or do they review its value in light of new content and changes in the world around us?
  • How do you decide what content to include?
  • Where do you get your content from?
  • How do you go about defining learner journeys to fill a specific content gap?

Remember we’re on the lookout for your soulmate here so your catalogue needs to stand the test of time. Think quality over quantity.

Questions for your learning solutions soulmate

How will you support my L&D team? 

Through implementation and roll-out, you need to make your support expectations clear. When it comes to a learning platform, of course, you need the right team behind you. That means a dedicated customer success manager, extensive onboarding and induction workshops and training materials. What about things like learning design support to help you build customised pathways through your content? 

The same applies after launch, what processes do they have in place for ongoing success? How often will you catch up? How reliable is their support team? Compare these expectations and map out what that support looks like with each vendor. 

What’s coming up?

It’s important to have sight over what your supplier has planned for your new tech and how much you can anticipate their future developments. So, do consider what they have coming up as well as their current feature set. 

The best partners will even collaborate with customers to develop innovative new features and integrations based on that customer’s needs and challenges. A true soulmate supplier will always provide plenty of opportunity for feedback and allow clients to exchange ideas and influence their roadmap.

What do the reviews say? 

Lastly, reviews, testimonials and case studies are always one to check for that extra seal of approval to know you’ve made the right decision and your supplier is one for the long run. So, make sure you ask, have you worked with anyone in my sector? How have you solved similar challenges? What results can I expect?

You can read the reviews for THRIVE on Capterra here.

Want to find out if THRIVE could be your perfect partner? Ask us anything, the more challenging the better and we’ll show you why we’re the learning solutions soulmate for over 75 brilliant businesses and had absolutely zero churning platform customers in just 18 months.

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