Hybrid learning for a hybrid workforce

Five tips to connect your hybrid workforce to more learning opportunities.

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

Hybrid learning for a hybrid workforce

The way we work has evolved forever. YouGov found 57% of people want to continue having the option to work from home and it’s looking like the hybrid working revolution is here to stay. So, how does this impact the way we learn too?

Plenty of L&D teams have found themselves having to address how their people access and connect with learning remotely. It’s clear the need for more flexibility, enhanced digital content and deeper connections with both colleagues and learning content is essential. But how do you make this a seamless reality? 

Foster an open environment 

Creating a transparent and open environment is crucial. A go to place where there are no stupid questions and everyone can benefit from everything that’s shared. That way people feel like they have a safe space to engage, comment and discuss resources, learning and more.

Connecting your people is key to an open environment. Make sure your experts, those who have the experience to solve specific problems are accessible. An easy way of capturing this is collecting all the regularly asked questions in your organisation, it might be; “How do I book annual leave? Where do I find our brand values? How do I update a contact on our CRM?” Then hosting the answers somewhere everyone can access. And the most important thing? Make them searchable! Keep building on this internal bank of knowledge and you’ll have your own mini Google created in no time. 

It also gives your people an opportunity to create a wider support network outside of their direct teams, those people they might be in contact with every day, and that boosts learning and brings your company together too.

Rethink onboarding 

YouGov found three in 10 employees haven't received training to support professional development while working in a hybrid environment.

So, if you haven't thought about transforming and digitising your training for remote audiences then now’s your time. Start at the beginning by transforming your onboarding experience to help make new starters feel like they belong. 

Think about what you can do upfront ahead of time that makes them feel well prepared and part of the team. Some ideas could include a welcome gift, setting up their tech ahead of day one, assigning a buddy or mentor, regular facetime check-ins and online pathways covering both formal and social learning. 

Get creative 

With hybrid working comes hybrid learning. Which means you’re going to have to get creative with more accessible digital learning content. But you don’t need a team of content creators or graphic designers to get started. 

There are plenty of free, cost effective tools out there which are full of templates to help you create great learning content. Some suggested tools include: 

  • Video capture on your smartphone, tablet or laptop 
  • Canva for graphic design templates 
  • Loom for screen recording 
  • Nimbus Capture for screenshots 
  • Pexels and unsplash for image libraries 
  • TikTok and Instagram Reels for video editing  

Remember to get your people involved too. User generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool to connect your teams and unleash siloed knowledge. Not to mention it takes the pressure off your team too!

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Flexibility and accessibility  

With 47% of people either not receiving training or feeling like the training they did receive wasn’t useful for hybrid working, it’s crucial training becomes more flexible and accessible for a hybrid environment.

Multi device learning is a given, we’re in 2021, you already know that. But with increased dispersed workforces, a mobile app is an absolute must-have feature for your learning platform. Not only does it make access to learning content easier but helps your people stay connected wherever they’re working. 

Invest in the right tech 

Pick the right technology for the job. THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform has all the functionality to replace a learning management system as well as harness UGC, empower social learning and create a strong sense of community. 

Take a look at this article to explore some of the key features you need to look out for when supporting future ways of working (and learning)!

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