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Ultimate guide to Learning Technologies 2020

It’s that time of year again, Learning Technologies 2020. Where L&D professionals from all over the world gather to explore the latest in workplace technology.
With a jam-packed seminar schedule and over 150 exhibitors, it can be a pretty daunting event to navigate. But don’t worry, this guide will give you a winning game plan and help you make the most from the free exhibition and conference.

Tips to make the most of your day

1. Arrive armed with your challenges

Utilise Learning Technologies like it’s two days of free consultancy. Forget vendors are vendors, and remember you’re speaking to experts. So, arrive armed with your challenges, requirements and questions. 

Have you got a learner engagement issue? Perhaps your LMS isn’t providing you with the insight and data you need? Or do you need some L&D content strategy inspiration?

I can’t promise you won’t get the odd sleazy salesperson. But at THRIVE, we arm our stand with experts itching to have valuable, transparent and useful conversations. After all, these are challenges we solve on a daily basis. It’s what we do best! 

2. Plan your route

List out the seminars and exhibitors you want to visit and plan the most efficient way around. As you can imagine with over 8,500 L&D professionals, the hall gets pretty busy, so walking with a purpose really counts.
Tip: Don’t get distracted by crowds or shiny giveaways! Stay focused and get those all important questions answered. 

3. Book ahead 

I always recommend contacting suppliers in advance and booking in time to meet up. Not only are you guaranteed a free coffee but you’ll get a dedicated time slot to work through your list of challenges and questions.

This way you won’t have to wait in line at busy stands. The representative you’re meeting will meet you when it works for you and they can cater the demo to your organisation and requirements.

Free seminars to catch 

The exhibition floor is packed with free 30 minute seminars across the two days, but how do you decide which ones will add most value to your trip? 

The ‘what’s in it for me test’ always works. Here’s a little overview of the sessions THRIVE are hosting, let’s hope they pass the test hey! 

LMS to LXP – Essential steps to transform workplace learning

Theatre 6 | Day 1 | 2PM

With personalisation and user experience central to the technology in our everyday lives, consumer expectations are higher than ever. So, why should your workplace learning technology stay stuck in the stone age?  

If you’re looking to make the leap from LMS to LXP, this seminar will give you practical advice on the types of skills and team you need in place. As well as the steps you can take to make the modern transformation and culture shift.

How to build a learning content strategy from scratch

Theatre 5 | Day 2 | 12:30pm
Planning for 2020 and beyond? Using insights from real users, Emma and Phil reveal the essential ingredients to a successful learning content strategy. 

Learn quick wins to create captivating content, steps to make your elearning resonate with learners and ways to leverage your learning platform to drive your strategy. 

 If you happen to be a conference ticket holder be sure to catch the closing talk with Kristina Tsiriotakis, Global Director of L&D at global beauty company DECIEM, and Craige Heaney, Global Learning and Capability Director at Diego. 

Embedding a learning culture

Conference | Day 2 | 3:55PM

Creating a culture of learning in organisations today is a trend that has come to the fore in the last 12months. But the concept has extensive roots and equally, huge potential and scope for the future.

L&D trends to look out for at Learning Technologies 2020

With the long list of conferences and seminars held over the two-day event, you’re going to come across some of the industry’s top trends for 2020. Here are our predictions to round off this guide. 

Even more microlearning

94% of L&D professionals said their learners preferred bite-sized learning modules to e-learning courses that are 30 minutes or more. 

With microlearning, each learning moment is action-oriented and designed to meet a specific learning outcome and inject real change. It is a really good way of making complex subjects simple and digestible.

At THRIVE, microlearning isn’t a buzzword, it’s a philosophy. We know it’s what your users want and the industry will continue to talk about it in many Learning Technologies to come. 

Learning experience and learning culture

Since engagement is a big challenge for most L&D managers, delivering the best user experience for your learners is essential for ROI. 

Learning experience is overtaking learning management and with a learning experience platform (LXP), you can create more modern, social and personalised experiences. Think Netflix for workplace learning technology, making learning a habit not an afterthought. It helps L&D teams create a self-directed learning culture powered by recommending relevant and timely content. 

Broadening the role of L&D

Skills development within L&D is evolving. They are going well beyond traditional roles of deploying training programs, instead taking a more proactive and strategic role to improve overall organisational performance.

The skills within L&D teams are also changing, we’re seeing lots of clients evolve their team’s skillsets to meet new demand from employees. Ever growing technological developments have changed the way employees want to learn at work. It’s all about accessing relevant content and training at their point of need, using tools they’re familiar with. 

This culture shift is calling for L&D to broaden their role and take on new skills such as; content creation, content curation, marketing, community management, data and analytics and much more!

Visit THRIVE at LT20 – Stand H20

Grab a live action demo of the THRIVE LXP, explore our elearning catalogue of over 120+ microlearning modules, and win a bunch of awesome prizes on stand H20 at this year’s Learning Technologies 2020. 



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