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LMS to LXP migration FAQs

Considering upgrading your learning platform, but need to know the essentials before switching? Some of the most common questions we get asked about transitioning from a traditional LMS to THRIVE LXP are answered here.

What happens to all my user data? 

Your CSM (Customer Success Manager) will work with you to collect your requirements and understand what important user data needs to be migrated. 

Using an export of your user data from your previous system, our technical team will import the user data into your new LXP. Mapping across things like users (including legacy accounts if you need them), completions (preserving original completion dates), assignment compliance, skills etc. 

What happens to my learning content?

Content from courses, including links, files, elearning & videos will all be migrated over. We do this by taking your content, simplifying the structure and running it through our personalisation engine. This means when your users log into their LXP for the first time, they’ll receive relevant recommendations based on their skills, groups and interests.

Any learning content from the same course or pathway will be automatically linked together to allow learners to easily navigate between course content too.

What systems can integrate with THRIVE LXP? 

We support the following standards for integrations of various kinds: SAML2, SCIM2, xAPI and SCORM 1.2. Alongside these, we offer a webhook interface for performing various actions and a RESTful API for querying data on the system. This gives you the freedom to leverage a variety of tools such as HR systems, CRMs, Data Analysis tools, Single Sign-On and more! 

We’ve already integrated with auto curation platforms such as Anders Pink to give THRIVE learners access to a range of useful content whilst providing a seamless experience that keeps the user within the THRIVE site. 

 Is THRIVE SCORM compatible? 

Yes, you can import packages created using most of the authoring tools on the market. 

Is THRIVE xAPI compliant?

Yes, the system is built around xAPI and is designed to leverage the standard to its full extent.

I have a lot of customisations in my current LMS platform, how will this affect moving to an LXP?

You’ll work with your CSM to carry out an analysis of your site and identify the complexity of your customisations. As THRIVE supports a wide range of integrations, customisations aren’t going to affect your upgrade but might impact project scope and timelines.

What kind of resources can I upload to THRIVE?

A range of media and files including PDFs, MP3, MP4 and images. All web links (YouTube, Google docs and sheets embed seamlessly), articles, questions, elearning content, quizzes, events and so much more.

What does the implementation process look like? 

Here’s a brief overview of the implementation process and training you’ll go through. For more detail check out our blog; 6 steps to a successful LMS to LXP migration.

1. Soft launch
2. Kick-off
3. Sitewide review
4. Data and content migration
5. Training and onboarding across 6 face-to-face workshops
6. Launch

How long does implementation take?

THRIVE LXP implementation usually takes between 8-14 weeks but this will depend on the complexity and customisations of your current LMS.

If you have any more questions we haven’t answered about your LMS to LXP migration, just ask one of our expert team

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