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INFOGRAPHIC: LXP – Ten Essential Features

What should you be seeking from your next platform?

Learning Experience Platform LXP key features - infographic - Thrive Learning (1)

Going beyond the traditional constraints of the Learning Management System, the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) typically provides consumer-grade experiences to users in a variety of different ways. They tend to extend way beyond the capabilities of an LMS. And in order for them to be successful, we believe they must include many modern, innovative features.

Here are the top ten essential features of any good LXP. In handy dandy infographic form. Nice.

LXP ten essential features infographic - Thrive learning compressed

Any platform which cites itself as a next-gen system should have these features. But there is a caveat: learner engagement isn’t caused solely by new tech. Improvements in engagement come from steadfast dedication to evolving cultures, shifting mindsets and an ongoing, continuous commitment to change.

The good news is the likes of a Learning Experience Platform, laden with the features we listed above, can help you with that change. They can support you in your evolution and encourage your learners to love the technology they need to use to be better at their jobs. It’s not a fantasy. It’s 2019 and the real change learning technology needs is here.


1. Learning content beyond elearning

  • User-generated content
  • Curated web content/videos/websites etc
  • Your elearning and other learning content
  • 3rd party content libraries using open APIs

2. A modern user experience

  • Consumer-grade user interface (think Netflix)
  • Available on mobile via an app
  • Intuitive user-experience, easy to use
  • Supports the digital literacy of all employees

3. Easy content creation and curation

  • Allow users to create and share a wide variety of content on any device
  • Effortlessly integrate with 3rd party content aggregation tools
  • Ensure content is highly searchable to users, replicating Google
  • BONUS: Save content for easy access later

4. Personalisation as standard

  • Uses structured and behavioural data to create unique experiences for every user
  • Recommendations and, users can follow content and people for wider learning
  • Uses machine learning to learn from behaviour, driving more intelligent engagements over time, the more the platform is used
  • Support more standard personalisation around job role, training taken and more

5. Enhanced data insights and analytics

6. Mobile app

If mobile learning is a priority for your business this is an absolute must-have feature. Not much more to be said on this one!

7. Connects people with people

8. Automation

9. Social learning

  • Support a wide range of user-generated content
  • Interactions with content including likes, shares, comments
  • Powerful search functionality to ensure content is easy to find
  • Supercharged data tracking for ongoing iteration

10. Rewards and recognition




Bye bye buzzwords. This free guide examines what a Learning Experience Platform is, and highlights many of the key features essential for any successful LXP. This is more than just a shiny front-end to an LMS; explore what an LXP really is!

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