Steps to digitise face-to-face training in a flash

The arrival of COVID-19 has changed how we work. It’s going to change how we learn at work, too. 

With face-to-face training made impossible, learning and development departments are having to shift essential training online, and fast.

I’m sharing how you quickly digitise training with little budget and need to plan.


1. Extract knowledge components 

Take your face-to-face course and extract out the important knowledge components or facts you want your users to take away. If you’ve got a presentation, a good place to start is with the key takeaways on each powerpoint slide. 

Once you’ve grouped those key takeaways together, break it down into smaller bite sized chunks and streamline the format. For example rather than sharing a long slide deck you could film a short selfie video for each concept your presentation covers.

Deliver your training upfront and let you users consume it in their own time. This also leaves you with a bank of resources you can use for other sessions as well as support for your face-to-face training when you’re back in the classroom. 

2. Online events 

Depending on how long your face-to-face training session is, it’s best to break it up.
We suggest running morning and afternoon sessions so users can take in the learning components, have scheduled time to complete practical tasks in the day, then come back in the afternoon to review those tasks.
Tip: Try to make your webinar more task focused than knowledge focused allowing your learners to practically apply and discuss what’s being taught. 

3. Social collaboration tools 

Give your employees the space and tools to communicate and collaborate during that practical time. Create a place where people can ask questions, comment on resources and share information with co-workers. Your learning experience platform is perfect for this.

Ultimately, what you want is for people to capture the work they’re doing and share it with others. So encourage them to write up or screen record their tasks and explain how they’ve applied certain elements, and get that all important conversation going. 

Interested to find out more about the tools that can help you digitise training and your teams to collaborate? Explore THRIVE Popup LXP, the ultimate learning and communication platform.


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