Corporate Social Responsibility

More than just a bake sale

Who doesn’t love a good bake sale? But with a relatively small team here at THRIVE HQ Nottingham, a bake sale is just a sure-fire way of ending up with a month’s supply of cakes. 

That doesn’t mean we shirk our corporate social responsibility (CSR) duties, though. In fact, we try to give back in different ways.

Games night

Last Monday saw the first ever THRIVE charity games night! With a few board game enthusiasts in our midst, it was the perfect fit. 

5.30pm hit, the PCs were switched off, and the games unveiled. A few of the classics along with a couple of new games led to a great evening of wholesome fun, spirited competition, and a few slices of pizza! 

But most importantly, we raised some money for Alzheimer’s Society – a charity who fund research to find a cure and support people living with dementia today. Sadly Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer, and there isn’t a cure at the moment.

It’s not just raising money

Thanks to our recent bundle of corporate social responsibility courses, we know that CSR is about more than just raising money for charity. So what else do we do?

Give blood

Blood donor centers have been around for yonks but sadly there are still blood shortages. A few (braver members) of the THRIVE team head down to our local donor center every four months or so and give away some of the good stuff. And the big boss lets us leave an hour early to do so.

Without wanting to sound too preachy, it really isn’t as bad as people may think. After a pinprick in the finger and bit of a relax in an adult high chair, you get a cup of tea, a biscuit and (if you really want one) a sticker! We’ve heard it all before, but giving blood really does save lives. Why not give it a try?

Look after the environment 

Let’s face it, the environment is a bit of a mess right now. 2015-2018 were the hottest four years on record. So we try to do our bit to save the environment…

  • We’re pretty on it with recycling.
  • We reuse paper as much as possible for things like brainstorm notes and storyboard doodles.
  • We hate plastic waste – refillable hand wash only for us!

And we try to reduce our carbon emissions where we can – did you see our recent Hot Topic for world car free day? We actually do it more than one day of the year though… the majority of those based in the Nottingham office use public transport to get to work – buses, trams or trains. Having the option to work from home helps reduce our travel footprint, too.

Be ethical 

Part of CSR is about being ethical. Not only in what we buy and sell but in how we advertise and promote. We try to use only ethical suppliers, while also being an ethical supplier to our clients too. 

Authenticity is a big part of our culture. From being completely transparent with our pricing, to avoiding the hard sell and just giving prospects and clients solid advice, it’s important everyone feels part of our THRIVEtribe.

Focus on the greater good 

As much as possible, we try to just be nice people! We use local companies where we can – our friends at ROFL studios to record voiceover, a fab little deli for our team lunches, and the printers just down the road. 

We’ve also teamed up to provide an apprenticeship in our support team, giving a school-leaver an insight into the world of online learning. 

This all cascades into what we create. From Hot Topic to raise awareness of breast cancer, to our car free day animation that encourages leaving the car at home to give the world a break for just one day. Our drink driving module to promote safety, and our new Mental Health and Wellbeing bundles to improve learners’ lives in and out of work.

What can you do?

So as you can see, it’s not rocket science. Whether it’s a charity, the environment, or just our learners who benefit, we’re confident that each thing we do for CSR at THRIVE makes a little bit of a difference to our communities and our world. 

So why not give it a try – fire up your oven, dust off the games, be brave, use the back of that bit of paper…or simply do something nice.


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