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5 key trends from Learning Technologies 2020

5 trends from Learning Technologies 2020

We’ve just about recovered from another busy event at the exhibition of the year, Learning Technologies 2020. 

Our THRIVE Tribe were super busy sharing live demos of our Learning Experience Platform and elearning catalogue, giving out nearly 300 demos in total. But that’s not all that went down, we hosted 3 seminar sessions, handed out over 350 Louis the Lions and supplied delegates with over 40kg of our favourite pick ‘n’ mix.

With so much going on we know it can be tricky remembering every session you attended, so we’re summarising the biggest trends we think will stick around and our favourite seminars. 

The key trends from Learning Technologies 2020 to watch

1. Microlearning

This learning trend hasn’t gone anywhere.

The emphasis on microlearning at LT20 was echoed in multiple sessions where vendors urged L&D teams to keep learning bite-sized, engaging and in the moment of need.

2. Learning content strategy and User Generated Content

UGC is the language of the modern internet and it’s finally found its place in learning technology. L&D teams are recognising the importance of learning from others and extracting siloed knowledge stuck in the heads of employees and capturing it in a clever, searchable and authentic way.

This is now becoming a key part of many organisations learning content strategy. As Phil Dyas, Customer Success Manager at THRIVE, shared in his seminar, “a good learning content strategy will help empower your staff to learn in the flow of work.”

3. Think like a marketer and treat learning as a product

We’ve been saying this one for a while and it’s finally catching on. Skills like campaign planning, data analysis, understanding your audience and content creation have become a must as the role of L&D shifts.

As Danielle Hamilton, Chief Customer & Product Officer at THRIVE, commented in her seminar; “we need to treat the launch of an LXP in the same way you’d treat a product you’re launching to your customers. 

An LXP is something people have to want to go to, we’re trying to drive self-directed learning, so it’s important to ensure there’s awareness and understanding from our end users as well as taking time to look at our data and understand how we can adapt.”

4. Experience engagement

Learning and development is increasingly moving towards personalised, recommended, and shared content. Gone are the days of learning management, tracking and administration. It’s all about learning experience, what the end-user needs and when they need it.

5. Building a learning culture

Many delegates arrived armed with questions and requirements and a big one we heard a lot on stand this year was… How do I build a self-directed learning culture in my organisation? 

Embedding a learning culture is no trend, it’s something that takes time and will stick around for the long run, but it’s good to hear L&D teams are taking the steps to recognise the way users are learning at work is changing. 

As this is something we do with our clients all the time, we’ve written a how-to guide on changing learning cultures to help you on your way.

Learning Technologies 2020 seminar highlights

LMS to LXP – Essential steps to transform workplace learning

In this 30-minute seminar session, Danielle Hamilton, Chief Customer & Product Officer at THRIVE, went through the 10 crucial steps you need to take to make the modern transition from LMS to LXP.

How to build a learning content strategy from scratch

In this seminar, Phil Dyas, Customer Success Manager at THRIVE shared quick wins to create captivating content, the steps to make your elearning resonate with learners and ways to leverage your learning platform to drive your learning strategy.

Want to get ahead of the game for next year’s learning technologies? Download our guide: how to change workplace learning cultures and speak to our THRIVE Tribe about how we can help.

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