Seven virtual Christmas party ideas

A few unique ideas your teams can use to get in the festive spirit... and there's not a zoom quiz in sight!

Richard Bailey Marketing Executive

Seven virtual Christmas party ideas

I think most of us will agree that 2020 has seen enough Zoom quizzes to last us a lifetime. So, for day seven of 12 days of Christmas with THRIVE, we’re sharing seven of our favourite activities that remote teams can do this year to celebrate the festive period.

Murder mystery

Encourage your teams to work together to inspect evidence, interrogate suspects and decide 'whodunnit' in a game of murder mystery. Split up into teams to each take on a different mystery and solve the clues to find the culprit. It’s a great team building exercise too!

Secret Santa

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Secret Santa. Try using to organise your selections, set a cost limit and away you go. You can even use exclusion lists so there are no awkward pairings!

Escape room

Solve riddles and complete puzzles in a fixed amount of time, with a goal of 'escaping the room' - even if that room is your living room. Split your teams up and have them solve challenges and compete against each other to see who can escape the fastest.

Drawful 2

A THRIVE favourite! Each player receives a weird and unique prompt that they must try to draw on their mobile device (without an eraser). After each 'artist' presents their work, everyone else anonymously submits a title that could fit this bizarre drawing. Hours of fun! Head over to and check it out.

Cookery class

Get some practice in for Christmas and impress the family! Cookery schools are now doing online classes you can join from your own kitchen. Get together virtually to make some delicious food or compete against members of your team to see who is the best chef.

Christmas scavenger hunt

Compete in teams in a race against the clock to complete Christmas themed challenges that foster teamwork, create bonding moments, and add a bit healthy competition in the mix. 

A host will read out clues for you to find items around your house to show on screen. First team to find all the items, wins!

Christmas song bingo

Christmas bingo is a great way to get the energy flowing for your virtual party. All you need is a Christmas song playlist on random, each player will have a bingo card containing 25 songs and the first to get five in a row on their card wins a prize.

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