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Tactics to digitise workplace learning

Interview highlights with Matt Arnold, Founder at Get More Engaged.

Josh Devanny Chief Sales Officer

Tactics to digitise workplace learning

We recently caught up with the Founder of Get More Engaged, Matt Arnold, to talk about next gen learning technology, how L&D teams can evolve and what workplace training will look post-pandemic.

Here are some of our favourite highlights that give you a real insight into what it takes to get your employees engaged and motivated to learn.

What tips do you have for customers who want to digitise training?

Think about certain questions against all of your content to work out what you could make digital and what you shouldn’t. For example, how many people will this impact? How quickly can we digitise? How quickly will this make a difference in the business? What's the expected return? 

Very quickly you'll get to a place where you can decide whether to make it a blended learning approach or a digital online course.

What’s your experience with user generated content (UGC)?

I really saw the impact that user generated content could have. It was great fun.

Are communication and training the same thing?

If I’m delivering training to somebody, I’m still communicating to them. Likewise, internal comms are always talking about stuff coming up, what’s new, etc. They’re delivering learning too.

What are the challenges for organisations when connecting their different platforms?

I’ve seen businesses introduce platforms like Yammer and other platforms which had a purpose, but they could have used one platform that does those things. 

Because at the end of the day, you should be thinking about your end user and their needs over your own. If businesses begin to think about the end process, then the right solutions will become a lot clearer.

Should L&D teams bring in end users for feedback when selecting a new learning platform?

We brought THRIVE in as a pilot and we picked 100 people from across the group and we launched it to them to test and get feedback on, to get the sales team on board as to how they could use it. You should think about other teams in the business, because when you have more people promoting that same tool, it means more people interacting with the platform.

What can L&D teams do differently to engage learners?

GDPR was a great example. For some reason in elearning, people seem to make the questions really easy. There’s always an obvious answer. You don’t need to read the 40 minutes of content because you could probably guess the answers to the questions. 

So, what I did was, wrote a storyboard for an interactive video and we gave people a mission impossible style intro, with a newsreader saying there’s been a data breach and the learners task was to go back in time and stop the data breach from happening. Within four weeks we had 90% of people signed on for GDPR training.

What advice do you have for organisations when selecting a learning platform?

Don’t get sucked in by the flashing bells and whistles and everything that the platform does. A large part of the time, when I’m speaking to customers and ask what they want and when they tell me, I’m like, well you don’t need this, you just paid over the odds for it because it’s got all this other stuff that you’re not going to use or potentially could use, but it’s not the right time. 

So, really be clear on what you’re trying to achieve with your learning solutions and what problem you’re trying to fix because when you have that, you can more carefully select the one that’s right for you at that time.

How will training look post pandemic?

I think it’s going to be a mix. In the future it’s going to lean more towards a blended approach. A lot of businesses will see the benefit of all this online learning content that they’ve created during the pandemic and do it more. 

Because you can deliver so much more, so much quicker. If you have the right platform in place, you can deliver content around the world in minutes.

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