Three signs your learning culture already exists

How to leverage the learning moments already happening in your business. 

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

Three signs your learning culture already exists

I’ve always believed your people are your culture. After all, it is their behaviour, ideas and beliefs that form it, so why not celebrate what already exists in your business? 

Your employees are learning organically already, so here are three ways to identify and enhance a culture that truly starts with your people and is even already happening in your business.

Learning moments

Asking questions, commenting on a piece of content, tagging someone in an article on LinkedIn, recommending reading to colleagues - these are all valuable ways we’re used to learning and growing from each other every day.

Help your teams recognise and perpetuate these ‘learning moments’ we take for granted and encourage even more of it. 

Learning in the flow of work 

Learning is always on. For many people, little and often and in the flow of work is much more realistic (and even helpful) than blocking out time in their calendar for formal personal development. Think about the time you needed answers, you probably just Googled it, right? 

Simply, encourage more of that organic learning. If it’s happening on Google, it can happen on your learning platform. Remember it’s something that’s already woven into our working lives, all you need to do is harness that traffic and redirect it by making it easy for people to find what they want.

A good search engine coupled up with relevant content that’s recommended at the right times is essential. 

Sharing knowledge

Whether it’s digital or face-to-face, we communicate with colleagues all the time. Storytelling, sharing ideas, providing an update, whatever it might be, this exchange of knowledge and information is already happening.

But is it happening in a place everyone can benefit from? Where new starters can get the information they need and teams can learn from subject matter experts? 

This step is all about normalising the capture of this knowledge sharing that’s already happening in a space that your whole business can engage with. User generated content is perfect for this. It could be selfie videos, voice recordings or articles, and is an effective way to keep things authentic and human.

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