Tips to beat gender bias and remove barriers to success

A word of advice to #breakthebias at your workplace

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

Tips to beat gender bias and remove barriers to success

I know what you might be thinking “It's 2022, surely gender bias is a thing of the past!"

Yes, we have come a long way that’s for sure, but we’re not out of the dark yet. The Global Gender Gap Report predicts it will still take another 100 years to achieve true gender equality. That’s plenty of work for us to do! 

So, how do we start to close the gap sooner? 

We spoke to our team to understand and share their experiences, challenges and words of wisdom to face adversity and eliminate gender bias. Here’s what we came up with!

1. Educate and share knowledge 

It all starts with your people. Sharing education about topics such as unconscious bias, gender equality, negative politeness, gender identity and more can change attitudes and behaviours as well as their understanding around why these biases persist. 

But don’t stop there. Training that empowers people and celebrates diversity and different perspectives is so important. Then use all these learning resources to raise awareness and campaign meaningful topics like #InternationalWomensDay, Pride month, Trans Day of Visibility and many more in the calendar.

TIP: The Content Club has hundreds of premade learning pathways packed with content for campaigns and focus topics just like this! 

2. Normalise flexible working

Encourage your organisation to shift its mindset to provide more flexible working to support your people’s home and work-life balance. 

It should all be about performance and delivering on objectives rather than hours spent in the office. If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that mandatory home working has demonstrated traditional office hours and working environments aren’t required to achieve success.

It’s all about trust. Introducing initiatives like unlimited holidays and flexible working encourages people to take personal and well-being days for those things that might not have felt worthy before. For example, taking time out of the day to do the school run, period pains or even a day to catch up on life admin. (I know I need it now and then to catch up on the housework!) 

Our Head of Production, Al, shares her insights in the video below into how we bring this to life at THRIVE and how it’s supported her as a true superhero working mum.

3. Encourage women to progress

It’s a common stat that men apply for roles if they have 80% of the required skills, whereas women wouldn’t bother if they thought 20% of the required skills were missing. So, always-on encouragement to empower the women in your organisation is essential. 

Here’s an inspiring story from our Squad Lead, Lousie about getting the support she needed from her peers and the business to be confident leading in a male-dominated tech world. 

4. Support women in leadership roles

Lots of companies are more and more overhauling traditional senior leadership candidates and opting for diverse members that can bring a new, fresh and different perspective into the business, even if many of them are first-timers with lesser experience.

But as a diverse, non-stereotypical human in a leadership role, what bias do you come up against in the world and how do you overcome those obstacles? This video share’s my career journey and what it means to be part of a super supportive organisation but still have the world to challenge. 

Ready to beat gender bias and remove barriers to success in your organisation? This Thursday March 10th, we're teaming up with industry leaders from Talbots, Mejuri, British Red Cross, Thinx and WHOOP for our latest LinkedIn Live power panel, who will be sharing their inspirational ideas for a gender-equal world and what it means to break sterotypes of women in the workplace. Save your space here.

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