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Transform your learners into teachers

Four different ways to give your people a voice and encourage UGC.

Richard Bailey Marketing Executive

Transform your learners into teachers

Breaking down the barriers of knowledge that’s stuck in your employees’ heads is one of the hardest challenges for an organisation. How many times have you heard someone say “we’d be in big trouble if they left”? You may have even said it yourself a few times! 

That’s why it’s so important to give your learners a platform to unleash all the information that’s locked away and trust (yes, this is the key word) them to share it with their colleagues. 

Let’s explore four ways to give the people in your organisation a voice and transform them from your learners into your teachers, too. 

User generated content

Your learners can be put off by perfectionism. What do I mean by this? They don’t want to spend the best part of an hour doing a selfie video over and over until it’s perfect, so encourage your teams to share knowledge and ideas in a way that’s comfortable for them. It doesn’t matter if they fumble some words in their selfie video. As long as the message is there and others can benefit from it. 

Simple selfie videos, links and questions are great ways of sharing information and the best thing is that they’re easy and quick to create. They also give you real insight into what your people actually want to learn. Provide the tools and let your teams do the rest. Here’s how to get started.

Connect people to people

Harness the experts in your business who have the knowledge to solve specific problems or answer questions. Creating a wider support network and community outside of your direct teams can boost learning and bring your teams together.

Building a culture of mentoring is a great way to start connecting your people. Alongside the increased knowledge transfer, it also builds teamwork, communication and develops leadership skills along the way. 

Encourage interaction

Most of us have been in that situation where we’re afraid to ask a question in case it’s a stupid one. To get your learners to learn from each other you need to create a transparent environment where there are no stupid questions and everyone can benefit from everything. 

Once you have that “safe space” your learners will engage, comment, discuss learning resources and more.

Identify your business influencers

This isn’t necessarily the experts or leaders in your business, but the characters in your company who people are drawn to, who tend to be active in the social elements of your company. That person chatting away at the water cooler is the perfect example, they will be your best advocates to encourage more interaction and participation. 

Interested to find out more about evolving your L&D strategy and harnessing user generated content? 

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