Video: 8 LXP must-have features

Navigating through endless acronyms and suppliers selling you the dream.

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

Video: 8 LXP must have features

Looking around for a learning platform can be daunting. With endless acronyms and multiple suppliers selling you the dream, how can you be sure the features you’re interested in will meet your objectives? 

Of course, the functionality you require will depend on your specific needs, but to help you with your search, we’ve put a list of LXP features together to showcase some of the must have features organisations are looking for today. 

1. Open and discoverable pathways 

Locking content down is against the core ethos of an LXP. It’s all about self-directed learning and providing the right content at the point your users need it. So, having open and discoverable pathways is essential to encourage a continuous learning culture.

Of course, learning journeys are extremely important but the worst thing you can do is promote modern ways of doing things then apply restrictions over the top. Make your learning searchable and give people the resources and tools to explore for themselves both inside and outside of pathways.

2. UI translation 

Inclusivity is a requirement for many organisations and multi-language capability allows users to engage with their learning experience in whatever language is relevant to them. 

The best news? THRIVE auto-detects language preferences so your users don’t have to lift a finger.

3. Content recommendations 

Just like the consumer tools we’re used to, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube, personalisation is core to any LXP. Content suggestions based on skills and interests mean learners are only recommended what’s most relevant and useful to them. 

Additionally, an LXP like THRIVE has an additional layer of personalisation, machine learning which is based on user behaviour.

4. API’s & Integration capability 

A solution that can easily integrate with the software you’re already using, like a HR system, or comms tool such as Microsoft teams, means you can automate actions, push notifications, synchronise data and create an ecosystem of useful technology.

5. Insight and reporting 

Advanced insight, dashboards and reporting allow you to track usage, collect data and make decisions based on every interaction.

THRIVE provides additional insight such as search trends in analytics to give you an idea of what your users are looking for. This not only informs you of the most popular topics but highlights where the content gaps are. Then you can curate or create content on the topics people are searching for that you don’t have on your platform yet. 

6. Personalised onboarding 

A personalised onboarding process is key to collecting the right data for content recommendations and setting up a user profile that people will want to follow and engage with. 

7. Events

Create training and social events for both online and offline purposes. This feature enables learners to book events, access important pre-reading and receive reminders to attend whilst making managing training events simple for the organiser.

8. Smart search

A strong search empowers learning in the flow of work and makes sure your user’s objectives are met with the right solution. Elastic search improves the range and accuracy of search results, taking much more than just the title and description of content into consideration when serving results.

We haven’t covered everything you can expect to find in an LXP here, but there’s probably one key element you’re thinking is missing… An intuitive and enjoyable UI & UX.

It’s a given right? Which platform is going to create a great user experience for your learners and admins is the first decision you need to make. That’s something you’ll discover the second your demo starts and can usually gauge based on whether you need an instruction manual to use it or not. 

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