Content roadmap

New releases come thick and fast. Our content road map is packed with new titles which are all informed by our subscribers. Check out what resources are coming in Q4.

Microlearning catalogue modules

Additional Mental Health resources

A positive mindset is not always healthy - what is Toxic Positivity? Tackling toxic positivity Toxic expressions and alternative statements It's good to talk - Depression

Skills for work and life

Learning to let go and moving on Persuasion Risk-taking Judgement Resilience (pressure, saying no, dealing with ambiguity) Compassion - crossover with EI/empathy CV writing/interview skills Transactional Analysis

Parenting skills

What do you need to do to prepare for becoming a parent Reality of looking after a baby The roles of Midwives and Health Visitors - making the most of them What happens in hospital How to work with your partner as a team Managing others expectations Making parenting decisions Baby blues (both parents) Managing your phone

Get more series

A new suite of learning shots in multiple formats helping you get more! Titles include get more bounce, get more mojo, get more courageous and many others.

Project Management

Lean 6 Sigma overview
Scoping a project
Benefits of Prototypes/Proof of concepts
Working with Stakeholders
Useful documentation
Making time for a project review
Template - SOW/PID
Template - PSR

Cyber Security

Phishing attacks
Removable media
Passwords and Authentication
Physical security
Mobile Device Security
Working Remotely
Public Wi-Fi
Cloud Security
Social Media Use
Internet and Email Use
Social Engineering
Keeping safe at home

Dying Matters

Discussing Dying
Your wishes
Planning a funeral
Supporting bereavement
Talking about dying with children

Workplace 101

Flexible working - be aware of the pitfalls/traps - short piece
Conference calls
Meetings and briefings
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Thinking
Time Management
Building Professional Relationships


Creating a job spec
Attracting talent
Where to advertise
Providing feedback to candidates
Retaining talent

Domestic Abuse

Types of abuse
Signs of abuse
What to do if you are experiencing abuse
Where to get help
How to support someone experiencing abuse
Understanding Learning
How we learn
Social learning
Make a great campaign
Designing learning
Identifying skills gaps
Identifying development opportunities
Personal development plans
Learning mindset
Template - Campaign plan
Looking after yourself
Food trends
Take 5
Wonderful water
How to practice mindfulness

New Line Manager Essentials

Management styles
Planning development needs
Organisational strategy
Designing roles
Helping people learn
Coaching skills
High performing employees
Career conversations
Succession planning
Building a successful team

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