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Your customer’s success is your success. Empower and equip your support teams to provide the best customer experience possible.

Customer service

Keep more customers

Happy customers are core to any business. Your customer service teams thrive when they’re up to date with the right knowledge and information to do their jobs. THRIVE LXP is a one stop shop for content, communication and community, keeping your teams in the know so they can do the same with their customers.

Respond quicker. Upsell easier.

The more you know, the better and faster you can perform. Get results and build an even more productive team by connecting your people with experts who can help practice customer interactions, identify skills gaps and recommend relevant learning resources.

Evidence ROI

Need help linking training to performance? THRIVE LXP forms part of your tech stack ecosystem that identifies the patterns between your top customer service agents and how engaged they are in learning and development.

Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.

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