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Sales teams move fast. They need to get up to speed quickly and have access to the right knowledge in those critical selling moments. Reach for the right learning tools and watch your teams reach their targets.

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Sell with confidence

Confidence is key. Giving your people a safe space to learn and practice leads to performance. Whether it’s objection handling, product knowledge or receiving feedback, THRIVE LXP has the tools to deliver fast, relevant training that helps your teams feel confident when closing deals.

DECIEM The abnormal beauty company

DECIEM, parent company to The Ordinary, has seen growth of 64% year on year and are now hitting close to $500 million in sales.

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Enable with ease, scale and speed

Time is money. The quicker your new sales rep gets up to speed, the better. Build learning pathways in minutes and ramp up the activity from every new starter in days.

Learn from the best

Knowledge is power. But not when it’s stuck inside the heads of your best salespeople. With THRIVE LXP, you can extract that expertise and share best practice across your company through social interaction, user generated content and by connecting people with your top sales teams.

Practice is just as valuable as a sale. The sale will make you a living; the skill will make you a fortune.

Jim Rohn

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Nicola Kilner CEO at DECIEM

"We’ve really been blown away and seen a whole transformation in our learning and comms culture at DECIEM. The THRIVE team has become an extra part of our own L&D team. "

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