THRIVE for Finance

Speed, mobility and innovation are key to thriving in the finance industry. Make sure your employees are connected, committed and up to the challenge by replacing your LMS with THRIVE LXP.

THRIVE for Finance

Problems for the finance industry

THRIVE for Finance
We understand the issues that face the finance industry. Eliminating data breaches, keeping up to date with regulatory changes and implementing new technologies to stay ahead of the competition all require a skilled and connected workforce. We know you are best positioned for success when your employees feel part of the team and have easy access to training on a simple and engaging learning platform. So, if you're looking to upgrade your LMS to a next gen learning platform that delivers all the above, look no further than THRIVE LXP.

How THRIVE can help

THRIVE for Finance
By promoting social learning and using machine learning capabilities to recommend users content, our learning experience platform creates a sustainable and provable learning culture within your organisation. We also encourage users to create their own content to bridge the gaps between your teams and promote connectivity. As your people become more and more connected across the business, knowledge silos will cease to exist, your learners will become more engaged, and they'll gain more rounded skills.

In depth analytics & integrations

A screengrab of our LXP depicting it's integrations
Admins also get access to in-depth analytics for full insight into how learners are engaging with your platform, what content is drawing the most views and where content gaps could be filled. Got multiple systems currently live? No problem! Our platform seamlessly integrates with a wide range of systems, giving you and your users a singular platform to use for all your learning needs.

Results & impacts

  • Easy integration with current systems.
  • Fun, collaborative and sustainable learning culture.
  • Greater connectivity between teams.
  • Encourage continuous learning with our recommendation features.
  • In depth analytics on staff engagement, course completions and user generated content.
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