THRIVE for Government

Track compliance training whilst embracing the future of social learning with an innovative, next generation learning platform that's already helping government departments across the country level up their learning and development strategy.

Our LXP with logos for our ISO certification and G-Cloud supplier status

Problems for government organisations

THRIVE for Government
Managing large employee bases whilst making sure that your team is continuously developing their skills and staying at the cutting edge of learning can be difficult to organise. Training large government departments can be a logistical nightmare, and we believe that connected employees are happy employees, and happy employees are productive employees.

Has your learning culture lost its spark?

You need a system that connects your employees and promotes social and collaborative learning, whilst containing all your necessary training and offering in depth analytics into user engagement and course completions. Enter THRIVE LXP!

How THRIVE can help

THRIVE for Government
THRIVE LXP is helping government departments around the country promote social learning, eliminate knowledge silos and streamline their users' learning experience to make sure everyone in their team is reaching their full potential. Seamlessly integrating with a multitude of systems, our learning experience platform allows you to have a singular platform for all your learning needs, whilst providing a fun and addictive experience which will create a sustainable and exciting learning culture within your organization.

Powerful recommendation features

THRIVE for Government
Take your learning and development strategy into the 21st century with our recommendation feature, powered by machine learning. It suggests new content for your users based on their interests and behaviours, which promotes continuous development and keeps users engaged on their learning journey.

ISO 27001 Certified

THRIVE Learning is fully ISO 27001 certified and we are also listed on the G Cloud digital framework as well, making us an easy fit for public sector organisations.

Results & impacts

  • Increased user engagement
  • Greater connectivity between teams and employees
  • Seamless integrations with your existing systems
  • A real and provable learning culture
  • In depth analytics on staff engagement, course completions and user generated content.
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