THRIVE for Real Estate

We understand how difficult the real estate business can be, and the importance of allowing your staff to access high quality, engaging learning content whenever they want or need to.

THRIVE for Real Estate

Problems for the real estate industry

THRIVE for Real Estate
From paperwork to on-the-road agents, real estate is a fast paced and complex industry that requires a skilled and connected workforce to make an impact. Having employees who align with your values, engage with your brand and feel part of a community is one of the keys to increasing sales and customer satisfaction. But how do you achieve this?

Has your learning culture lost its spark?

THRIVE for Real Estate
Face to face training takes time out of your established employees' calendars, and standard LMS’ make learning feel like a boring slog, filled with compliance and hour-long training videos that work better than sleeping pills. If you’re looking for an innovative and cutting edge social learning solution to shake up learning and development in your real estate company, look no further than THRIVE LXP!

How THRIVE can help

THRIVE for Real Estate
Our learning experience platform is designed to connect your employees through social learning whilst delivering crucial training in a fun and personalised way. Increase your team’s engagement with elearning content to create a sustainable and fun learning culture in your organisation.

Next gen analytics

Depiction of our analytics dashboard
Our next gen reporting and analytics allow you to have full insight over how users are engaging with your platform, what content is drawing the most views and highlights content gaps for you to fill. Our wide range of integrations and emphasis on user generated content increases communication between teams and makes everyone feel part of one, connected community.

Results & impacts

  • Increased user engagement
  • Greater connectivity between teams and employees
  • Seamless integrations with your existing systems
  • A real and provable learning culture
  • In depth analytics on staff engagement, course completions and user generated content.
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