THRIVE for Retail

THRIVE has helped retail brands all over the world upskill their workforce, streamline their processes and add value to the business through learning.

THRIVE for Retail

Problems for the retail industry

THRIVE for Retail
Gone are the days of brick-and-mortar shops and learning on the job. These days, retail brands need a multiskilled, agile workforce to hold their market share. Traditional retail employee training hasn’t caught up with the times. Face to face training forces employees out of the flow of work and can be costly and time-consuming, with little to no way of referring back to the learning material. Standard LMS’ work to track compliance for the admin’s benefit, but they're boring and unengaging for end users, and struggle to instil company values.

Connecting your learners

THRIVE for Retail
Making sure your people have access to high quality, brand-aligned training on a variety of topics and feel connected to your locations around the country or world is important. Enter THRIVE LXP.

How THRIVE can help

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THRIVE LXP is a learning experience platform that has a track record of improving communication and engagement for retail brands whilst connecting colleagues across the world to create a learning culture and make learning fun! Get everything you would with a traditional LMS such as tracked completions, events, elearning and structured pathways but combine them with modern interfaces and social learning.

In depth analytics

THRIVE for Retail
Every interaction is tracked, giving you advanced analytics, useful dashboards and automated reports without having to lift a finger. THRIVE LXP is also excellent for onboarding new starters and our personalised recommendation features mean that your team receives suggestions to explore content they will love.

Results & impacts

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  • Increased user engagement
  • Greater connectivity between teams and employees
  • Seamless integrations with your existing systems
  • A real and provable learning culture
  • In depth analytics on staff engagement, course completions and user generated content.
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