THRIVE for Tech

Quick moving and favouring the brave, the tech industry is desperate for capable and skilled professionals. You can create them with THRIVE LXP.

THRIVE for Tech

Problems for the tech industry

THRIVE for Tech
Staying on top of the latest technologies, frameworks and tech stacks whilst defending yourself against increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats and maintaining an adequate level of data protection is a lot to manage. The tech companies that thrive are the ones that have a unified and passionate base of employees who are masters of their craft, and are connected to each other whilst continuously learning and developing their skills within the company.

More than mandatory training

All of this and more is possible with THRIVE LXP, the learning experience platform that is helping tech brands around the world level up their learning game and instil a sustainable learning culture in their organisation.

How THRIVE can help

THRIVE for Tech
By introducing social learning and encouraging social engagement with learning content, THRIVE’s learning experience platform enables connection between everyone in your organisation, regardless of team structure, making everyone feel part of one, connected community. With our platform, you can track course completions as with any standard LMS, but we also offer in-depth analytics into employee engagement and our machine learning capabilities will continuously recommend content to your users that we are sure they will love, keeping them moving forward on their learning journey.

Effortless integrations

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Our open API also means that you can seamlessly integrate your LXP with your legacy tools to build your learning ecosystem and create a singular platform for all your learning and development needs.

Results & impacts

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  • Increased user engagement
  • Greater connectivity between teams and employees
  • Seamless integrations with your existing systems
  • A real and provable learning culture
  • In depth analytics on staff engagement, course completions and user generated content.
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