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Why THRIVE’s off the shelf elearning?

Our microlearning catalogue isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s designed to drive real change in your organisation. Whether that’s changing behaviours, cultures or attitudes, we've got you covered. Our off the shelf elearning is built with your users in mind. We threw out the rule book, built our very own authoring tool, and worked our magic to create a microlearning catalogue that’s fresh, engaging and always relevant.

Microlearning catalogue modules

Modern microlearning

We believe in creating an ecosystem: a catalogue that’s well thought through and where titles don’t overlap. No more trawling through tons of content you don’t need. Just relevant, up-to-date modules that’ll grow with you. Agile, reactive and never afraid to tackle sensitive topics. You can expect your microlearning catalogue to seamlessly lend itself to topical learning campaigns and what’s happening in the real world.

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Maximise engagement. Minimise hassle.


Under 10 minutes

Complex topics are short, simple and engaging with our modern approach to learning design.


Different formats

Microlearning in a variety of formats, from SCORM elearning packages to videos and PDFs.


Always up-to-date

Content is continuously reviewed to make sure it’s always relevant.


Unique designs

Never boring, every piece of off the shelf elearning has its own unique visual style.


170+ microlearning modules

An ever-growing catalogue of elearning courses with new titles informed by you.


New releases included

Access to all current and future releases included in the price you pay.


No user limits

You pay for the catalogue, not how many people are using it.


One affordable price

Just £5,000 a year for access to the full microlearning catalogue.


No overlap of subjects

No more trawling through tons of content you don’t need.

170+ microlearning modules

Our microlearning catalogue is made up of bundles each covering different elements of an important topic. Explore some of our favourite bundles or view the full list of titles below.


Develop your leaders and enhance their leadership skills.

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Mental health

Support your employees' wellbeing and remove the stigma.

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Working together

Help your employees be the best team players they can be.

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Digital skills

Improve your employees' digital skills to make sure nobody gets left behind.

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"The content is visually pleasing, user-friendly, interactively engaging and current. The team are always available for support and keep up to date with current affairs that have relevance to education within the workplace... Best of all the price is unbeatable!"

Andrew Fletcher, Digital Learning Lead at The Gym Group

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Equality and diversity

Where other equality training stops at Equality law, we show your people how to create a more inclusive and equal workplace where diversity is celebrated.

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