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Customer service microlearning modules

Our customer service training focuses on the practical skills your people need to build trust, satisfaction and loyalty with your customers.

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Here are some titles you can expect to see in your customer service bundle.

Customer service essentials

Brand awareness

Dealing with emotions

Dealing with complaints


Maximise engagement. Minimise hassle.


Under 10 minutes

Complex topics are short, simple and engaging with our modern approach to learning design.


Different formats

Microlearning in a variety of formats, from SCORM elearning packages to videos and PDFs.


Always up-to-date

Content is continuously reviewed to make sure it’s always relevant.


Unique designs

Never boring, every piece of off the shelf elearning has its own unique visual style.


170+ microlearning modules

An ever-growing catalogue of elearning courses with new titles informed by you.


New releases included

Access to all current and future releases included in the price you pay.


No user limits

You pay for the catalogue, not how many people are using it.


One affordable price

Subscribe to our entire catalogue and pay one annual price!


No overlap of subjects

No more trawling through tons of content you don’t need.

Storytellers behind the scenes

Change has been long overdue in the industry. Getting to start from scratch at THRIVE meant we got to create something really special. We threw out the rulebook and this is what we got: a microlearning catalogue that's diverse, engaging and keeps up with changing times. We've priced it so it’s accessible too because we believe the best products don’t need to be the most expensive. We aren't about gimmicks. Or tick boxes. We're about real behaviour change. We put the learner at the heart of our elearning from day one. By stripping learning back to its core principles, we can focus on practical advice that people can take away and apply there and then. Rather than spoon-feeding knowledge, we're encouraging behaviour and culture change, that's what sticks.

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No matter how big your business, you pay for the modules not how many people are using them. You'll get the source files for each module and access to every new release. View the full catalogue list and preview a few microlearning modules for yourself.

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"The content is visually pleasing, user-friendly, interactively engaging and current. The team are always available for support and keep up to date with current affairs that have relevance to education within the workplace... Best of all the price is unbeatable!"

Andrew Fletcher, Digital Learning Lead at The Gym Group

Meet modern expectations with microlearning


Show your people how to lead the way with vision, purpose and passion to drive success in your business.

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Mental health

Encourage your people to take care of their mental health to create happier, healthier and more productive teams.

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Equality and diversity

Where other equality training stops at Equality law, we show your people how to create a more inclusive and equal workplace where diversity is celebrated.

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