Did you know 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience? Now apply that to your learning platform. How are you supposed to increase activation and employee engagement if only 12% of people are willing to repeat the same poor user experiences? 

That’s why modern UI and UX is central to a learning experience platform. 

THRIVE LXP replicates the consumer grade user experiences we’ve come to expect in our everyday lives and brings them into the workplace. One of our latest developments is a brand new LXP homepage. We’re always innovating, evolving and working with our clients to improve our product and this exciting new feature never looked so good...

Enhanced UI and UX

The THRIVE LXP homepage has had a revamp. The interface has been updated to something streamlined and fresh, which will make it easier for L&D teams to highlight the right content.

Additionally, you’ll notice instead of tiles the content is now represented in blocks to introduce some hierarchy to the content. For example, some tiles will be bigger than others which will help learners easily navigate themselves towards what’s most important for them. 

Personalised by you, for your learners 

Every industry, company and team has different priorities, so a one-size-fits-all learning platform just doesn’t work anymore. 

We’ve extended our homepage flexibility to allow you to personalise your homepage yourself. Easily configure how it looks and what types of content pulls through to suit every learner's unique needs.

Simply head over to edit mode to switch it up. Whilst there you can change your block type, which will determine whether it brings through recommended learning, what’s new, what’s trending, essential learning or more. 

Then decide on layout style, this is how the blocks and tiles will format, the real time editor will show you a preview as you go. 

Finally, all you need to do is tag it up, so users can filter the content and pick which audience it will be available to. 

Creating the perfect personalised homepage for your teams is now as easy as that.

Want to see it in real life? Of course, you do. Simply request a demo and explore the power of an unparalleled LMS user experience.

Be bold. Be brave. THRIVE.

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