Workday HCM integrates seamlessly with THRIVE, the complete Learning & Skills Platform

The integration combines THRIVE's skill management hub with Workday HCM's toolset for monitoring skills, identifying gaps and planning recruitment.

Workday integration

Workday HCM is a popular Human Capital Management System; created by Workday and already used by a number of our existing THRIVE customers.

One of Workday HCM’s most attractive features is its ‘Skills Cloud’. This collection of more than 55,000 skills gives learners an enhanced search experience to streamline skills reporting. It also gives organisations the insights they need to highlight top skills, spot gaps and empower leaders to focus internal development or external recruitment accordingly through machine learning.

These features complement THRIVE's ability to help learners identify formal and informal skills, develop them and evidence their progression perfectly. That’s why this integration comes at an opportune moment - for those already using THRIVE - and those on the lookout for a new, revolutionary Learning Experience Platform.

Mark Ward, Co-founder at THRIVE, said:

“Because plenty of our  customers were already using Workday HCM, we knew an integrated approach would be a compelling feature. The ability to sync data across the two platforms will save L&D teams a lot of admin time, and by combining Workday’s machine learning functionality with THRIVE’s skill management hub, we’re giving organisations all the tools they need to manage and maximise their talent strategy.”


Following the integration, Workday HCM can now be connected to THRIVE to sync data securely between the two platforms. 

You can create, update, suspend and delete users on THRIVE based on Workday records; populating accounts on THRIVE automatically and cutting out a big chunk of admin time in the process.

Skills and roles from Workday HCM pull through to THRIVE, meaning learners can see each other’s areas of expertise and leaders can drive better learning recommendations. Plus, formal skills and learning records from THRIVE are visible in Workday HCM too, meaning personal development can be reflected in organisational records.

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