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Products To Improve Learner Experience

Making modern training approaches work for you

Our range of products are designed to help you modernise your training approaches, change learning cultures and evolve the mindsets in your business.

Whether it be a new learning platform, bespoke elearning or our range of off the shelf microlearning modules, our products are here to save you time, drive better employee engagement or just make you look awesome!

Either way, the time is here. As we say here at Thrive: “Change is coming. Are you with us?”

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Empower your employees

Using engaging designs, social learning and smart tech

We all want better experiences for our learners. It’s no surprise why. According to a recent report from Towards Maturity, high-performing learning organisations are seeing a 24% increase in productivity and performance as a result of learning done well.

Our suite of learning products and services help you to modernise your L&D function, with a focus on improved employee engagement, better standards for learning and an overall emphasis on evolving your abilities to deliver exceptional training to your teams.

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Multi-device, modern, social LMS

Amplified learning management that works harder for you

Your employees are learning everywhere. Online, from one another, in their social apps and of course through traditional training methods. They’re learning on their phones. On their desktops. On their Blackberries? OK maybe not that last one. But the point is this: many organisations are struggling to put this valuable knowledge and expertise to good use across the business. It’s lost, it’s siloed and it never gets seen beyond small, compartmentalised groups of people.

Our social LMS (or Learning Experience Platform, as we like to call it) combines the best of many learning platforms, enabling learners to share content, connect and share with one another and more. And, unlike most LMSs, our LXP gives you data-driven insights into the behaviours of your employees. Data like which types of content are most effective at getting their attention, what training environments are causing them to disconnect and even how long learners typically retain the knowledge they learnt from the content.

This next-gen LMS helps you to continuously improve your approach to drive learner engagement, wider adoption and bolster bottom line results.

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Creative, compelling custom elearning

Complex ideas made seamless, simple and stunning

Got a challenge you just can’t conquer? Our arsenal of visionary and innovative design and development teams are here to help.

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, working in a variety of learning tech businesses, our production teams have the experience you need to deliver something unique and contemporary to your teams.

Using up-to-date design approaches, hard-hitting subject matter and striking visuals, our team ensures your bespoke elearning project will deliver without a hitch and offer maximum impact and knowledge retention for employees.

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Off-the-shelf elearning

Modern microlearning modules, delivered in 10 minutes or less

Our short, bite-sized modules only share the information that counts. We’ve put a focus on practical advice which learners can apply to their daily jobs immediately, providing them understanding of a core subject in under ten minutes. That’s the time it takes to make a tea round.

Using a cutting-edge combination of elearning elements and rich media such as video, illustrations and animation, these modules cover a range of subjects including leadership, management, health and safety and equality and diversity. Improve knowledge acquisition in your business with minimal effort and keep your staff more engaged and connected.

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Learner Experience Report

This impartial report examines data from over 1000 learners to better understand their wants, needs and expectations. It also explores what you can do to better meet those needs through actionable takeaways and genuine industry insights!

A must for anyone looking to get to grips with their learners in 2019!

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