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Learning Experience Platform

Automation. Personalisation. Social learning. Drive better learner experiences with our next-gen LMS.

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Modern learning management

Harness the learning that’s already happening in your business for maximum learner engagement

Your organisation and employees learn and adapt every day, why ignore it? Our social learning platform flawlessly supports and facilitates the sharing of relevant, personalised learning content from across your business in a clean, easy to use interface.

Combining the best bits from a LMS, intranet and social media platforms, our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) helps you to create a modern learning ecosystem; encouraging teams to share everyday learning which occurs in your business. Data, personalisation and engagement tools get them to come back for more every day. Thrive makes learning a habit, not an afterthought.

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Learning Experience Platform

A connected learning ecosystem

Support better employee connections: follow experts, mentor newbies and unearth knowledge diamonds through content sharing, interactions and competitions.

Personalised learner experience

Intelligent machine learning provides unique interactions via behavioural data; serving relevant user-generated content, elearning, web resources and more.

Learning without walls

Reduce data silos by providing an all-encompassing environment to learn, communicate and support one another throughout the business.

A connected learning ecosystem

Actionable data and reporting

Supercharged reporting provides actionable insights to better connect with learners. And, with machine learning it gets smarter the more it’s used too.

Make learning a habit, not a one off

Visceral learning makes training addictive; Thrive uses gamification, rewards and recognition to make learning a fundamental part of daily working life.

More time to focus on what matters

Work smarter, not harder. Enjoy frictionless content creation and curation and easily use automation to save time; making life so much more simple.

A connected learning ecosystem
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A modern, connected learning eco-system

Through user-generated content and personalisation

People learn from people best: we don’t want to ignore that, we want to help you promote it. With an emphasis on exceptional learner experience, Thrive is built with your learners in mind. Its social UI immediately supports a familiar hive of activity and content creation, allowing better employee knowledge sharing and seamless peer-to-peer learning.

Powerful machine learning promotes connectivity, providing each learner with a prescriptive, personalised experience based on both structured and behavioural data. It’s also integrated with content aggregation tools to ease the load of web content curation, ensuring the learning ecosystem is kept alive with content from learners, admins and 3rd parties alike. Learner engagement has never been so straightforward.

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Making tech work harder for you and your learners

Saving you time, not taking it away

You’re busy and we know it. We’ve taken all the pain out of training creation and delivery – putting the power of learning in your employees’ hands too. Thrive provides learners with an easy to use interface, allowing them to easily pick up the system, understand and use it with no training needed.

And we’ve made life easy for you by providing smart automation functionality including automatic tagging, video transcription and data insights and reports. Thrive tracks every single action of every user, providing personalised experiences for them and insights into what content they like most, what format works best and even what devices or times of day drive engagement. All helping you get even better at being the best.

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You don’t need to compromise on learner experience with all this admin stuff – Thrive gives your learners a great learning experience, without the admin headache. Doesn’t sound much like a normal LMS, does it?

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Learner Experience Report

This impartial report examines data from over 1000 learners to better understand their wants, needs and expectations. It also explores what you can do to better meet those needs through actionable takeaways and genuine industry insights!

A must for anyone looking to get to grips with their learners in 2019!

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