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Better Data. Better Learning.

These days, gut instinct just isn’t enough to make business decisions on. Data doesn’t lie – which is why you need more of it to inform and guide your decisions, better understand your audiences and drive improved results over time. As every interaction in Thrive is tracked, you’ll have a wealth of data at your fingertips to help you refine, iterate and improve approaches. And it’s all automatically generated into easy to understand reports.


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Advanced analytics

Gone are the days when course completions were the only measurement of success. Thrive’s capacity for capturing and interpreting granular data allows you detailed insight into what’s happening. You’ll better understand your learners, what they do and the best ways to drive engagement. With pre-generated reports, our platform provides you with real, tangible data, allowing you to improve your approach and better align your learning and content with users’ expectations.

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Correlate learning with ROI

Linking learning to business success is a really tough nut to crack. We know that. But our Learning Experience Platform helps you draw clear lines between business success and learning – helping you prove the value of L&D and the role of learning within a business. Thrive allows you to upload business-related data directly into the system, giving you a platform to clearly correlate learning with business results. How many learning platforms can do that?

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Learn more about your people

Our Learning Experience Platform allows you to properly understand your learners and what makes them connect to learning; Thrive provides pre-generated reports created using a wealth of behavioural data and interactions – helping you see exactly how your learners are engaging, what’s working and even what’s missing. It helps you make the most of learning, without having to lift a finger! Nice.

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Feature by feature

Built for your learners. Your workflows. Your reporting. Your peace of mind.

Content insights

See what’s most popular and how your content is being received - so you can do more of what works.

Demonstrate learning

Use diagnostic and knowledge check data to demonstrate effectiveness of learning over time.

Track and prove

Easily track and monitor all completions of compliance training. so you can see at a glance how compliant your business is.

Advanced analytics

Learn how engaged your people are, most effective content and more so you can create, iterate and improve over time.

Thrive Learning - Eat. Sleep. Learn. Repeat.




Bye bye buzzwords. This free guide examines what a Learning Experience Platform is, and highlights many of the key features essential for any successful LXP. This is more than just a shiny front-end to an LMS; explore what an LXP really is!

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