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Easy Content Creation and Curation

Creating all your training content from scratch can be costly, time consuming and exhausting. Our Learning Experience Platform, Thrive, allows you and your learners to harness the power of user-generated content and combine it with formal learning such as elearning, events and more to provide a modern, cohesive learning experience. Sit back and relax while you pair user expertise with automation tools, connect more people and empower learners to take control of their learning and knowledge sharing.

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Save time and money

Start tapping into the knowledge gems in your business and allow them to easily create and share their own training content to help others. With Thrive, it’s never been so easy; enabling screen recordings, article and video creation and sharing with just a click of a button.

By facilitating the creation of user generated content, you will reduce the volume of training admins have to generate, saving you critical time and precious budget.

Explore social learning

Curate web content easily

Part of a social learning environment is keeping it alive and thriving with new content – which can sometimes be a daunting task for L&D departments. Our Learning Experience Platform provides an easy-to-use content curation tool (which can be automated too) to pull relevant content into the system easily from across the web including articles, posts, videos and more. Fresh content to keep learners connected, without manual work for you. Jolly good.

Keep learners connected

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Easily upload user generated content

Removing hurdles for you and your learners is what we do – and making content creation simple and easy is critical. Thrive makes it super straightforward to add new content whether on a mobile device or a desktop. Simply link, upload or record to create authentic, compelling content that resonates with your learners and keeps them coming back for more.

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Feature by feature

Built for your learners. Your workflows. Your reporting. Your peace of mind.

Encourage expertise

Make experts out of all your employees, providing them with opportunities to share knowledge, mentor and motivate others.

Gaps in learning

Thrive can easily identify content which is missing in your learning offering. And then tell you about it, automatically.


Provide modern, mixed media learning pathways. Customise the content learners are provided with, including elearning, UGC, videos and more.

Capture content

Easily record your screen or webcam to quickly create simple video walkthroughs or talking heads.

Thrive Learning - Eat. Sleep. Learn. Repeat.




Bye bye buzzwords. This free guide examines what a Learning Experience Platform is, and highlights many of the key features essential for any successful LXP. This is more than just a shiny front-end to an LMS; explore what an LXP really is!

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