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Exposing Expertise In Your Business

Learning is much more than providing mandated learning and measuring the tick of a box. These days, it’s about people getting access to the information they need, when they need it. Thrive provides your employees with the ability to create their own content based on their expertise, and express it in different ways. All of which is searchable, accessible, dynamic and personalised to each individual. Allowing them to discover learning and content which is relevant to them and at the point of need.

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Help learners find what they want and need

Our Learning Experience Platform comes with powerful search and discover functionality, giving learners more scope to control what they see in the platform. It also learns from their behaviour and gets smarter the more they use it, ensuring their experience becomes even more relevant, appropriate and personalised over time.

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Surface expertise in your business

Thrive enables your teams (aka experts) to easily create and share ‘knowledge assets’ in a range of mediums including video, posts, questions, web links and more. Other users can then view it, save it and even like it to promote even more visibility – helping your business to learn from one another, rather than all the pressure being on just L&D to provide training.

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Insights into how your learners behave

Thrive’s automatic data capture and interpretation abilities allow you to finally get under the skin of your learners. Discover what content gets the most engagement, which devices they prefer and even what times of day are most effective for publishing. This allows you to iterate and improve your approaches over time and do more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

Dig deeper into data

Feature by feature

Built for your learners. Your workflows. Your reporting. Your peace of mind.


Get personalised people recommendations to help build networks and connect with like-minded people or people who can help.

Find new people

Every user of Thrive has their own profile, allowing them to discover new expertise. Or even see what a colleague looks like to find them in the office.


Not sure what you’re looking for? Users can browse through content via a beautiful discover page which is automatically curated for them.

Content gaps

Discover and identify gaps in available content using automated data reports, so you can create learning your users want and need.

Thrive Learning - Eat. Sleep. Learn. Repeat.




Bye bye buzzwords. This free guide examines what a Learning Experience Platform is, and highlights many of the key features essential for any successful LXP. This is more than just a shiny front-end to an LMS; explore what an LXP really is!

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