web analytics

Feature by feature

Built for your learners. Your workflows. Your reporting. Your peace of mind.

Learn what works

Powerful data and reporting provides you with valuable insights to iterate, improve and better engage your employees.

Push notifications

Fully configurable; tell your learners important information via email and in the system itself to drive visits back to your LMS.

Fresh content

Our handy auto-curation tool is configurable and allows you to draw web content into your LMS, keeping it alive.

Easily interact

Users can like, share and upload content simply. Get people talking, encourage conversations and humanise technology.

Modern, engaging content

Excite learners with visceral content experiences: video, articles, links, files, questions, pathways, events and more.

Configurable points system

Reward your people for the activities you want them to do, encouraging and reinforcing positive behaviours.

Follow muses and mentors

Your learners are able to follow people who are important to them, keeping abreast of content that’s relevant as it’s shared.

Leverage user generated content

Unearth diamonds, make users feel included and heard and give them a chance to share passions and knowledge.


Easily create and deliver marketing campaigns in the system. Create themes, schedule content, challenges and more. Set it up, relax and let it roll!

Thrive Learning - Eat. Sleep. Learn. Repeat.

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