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LXP Features

Effortless Employee Engagement

Create a more personalised, meaningful learning environment for your teams using automation, data and personalisation, all housed in an easy-to-use Learning Experience Platform. Gamification, persistent personalisation and social learning elements prompt ongoing interaction, enhance the learner experience and help to make learning a habit, not a one off. What does this mean for you? Effortless employee engagement.

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Rewards, recognition and gamification

This is more than gimmicks and buzzwords. The reward and recognition features of Thrive taps into the science of addiction, using meaningful engagement elements such as configurable points, badges, levelling and leaderboards. You can even challenge your learners to complete activities, achieve more and earn rewards. All this helps to keep learners coming back for more. And more. And more.

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Track every interaction

Our Learning Experience Platform tracks every single move and interaction your learners make, providing you with actionable data and insights. Amongst other things, our powerful reporting functionality tells you which content types are most effective, which times of day engagement peaks and even which devices are being used most. Helping you be more targeted, accurate and personalised to drive even better engagement.

Woo personalisation!

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Configurable onboarding experience

Hook learners in from the very beginning. Thrive provides a fully configurable onboarding process, allowing you to determine what users do. Set up a fantastic first impression for new starters, introduce them to the platform, embed company values, meet the team and provide any essential learning. Get them doing what you need them to on day dot, and even give them a reward for completing it.

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Feature by feature

Built for your learners. Your workflows. Your reporting. Your peace of mind.


Easily create and deliver marketing campaigns in the system. Create themes, schedule content, challenges and more. Set it up, relax and let it roll!

Push notifications

Fully configurable; tell your learners important information via email and in the system itself to drive visits back to your LMS.

Leverage user generated content

Unearth diamonds, make users feel included and heard and give them a chance to share passions and knowledge.

Easily interact

Users can like, share and upload content simply. Get people talking, encourage conversations and humanise technology.

Thrive Learning - Eat. Sleep. Learn. Repeat.




Bye bye buzzwords. This free guide examines what a Learning Experience Platform is, and highlights many of the key features essential for any successful LXP. This is more than just a shiny front-end to an LMS; explore what an LXP really is!

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