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Modern microlearning that’s under ten minutes and under the expected price.

Just £5,000 annually. We are always expanding our library of off-the-shelf elearning, with over 130 courses ready now and a new one every 2 weeks. No user limits – honestly. You just pay for the module, not how many people are using it.

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Learners are fickle creatures.

Meet modern expectations with microlearning

Our off the shelf elearning, supported by smart learning design, is built with your learners in mind. Our ten minute, bite-sized modules have been stripped back to just the pertinent information, with an emphasis on practical advice and tips that learners can make use of straight away. Basically, we’ve gotten rid of the fluff.

This approach reduces time to knowledge acquisition by providing learners with real-life context and meaningful interactions. Equally, employees are able to easily refresh their comprehension of a subject with minimal effort; keeping them more engaged and connected.

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Each module gives you

Ten minute microlearning

Loads of enriching subjects completed in under 10 minutes and accessible on any device. Quickly and readily available in SCORM format.

Original scripts and interactions

Researched and written from scratch, our modules leverage current data, statistics and media to remain relevant and contextual to discerning learners.

Modern instructional design

Common sense is at the heart of everything we do. Will learners remember it? Can they own it and put it into practice? If not, how much value does it add?

Ten minute microlearning

Rich media and video

Every off-the-shelf module uses a modern, engaging and sophisticated mix of rich media including illustrations, animation, video and elearning elements.

No overlap of subjects

Created to be a discrete knowledge centre for subjects, we avoid duplication and make the most of your purchase to create clear, consistent learner journeys.

Recommended, curated resources

To encourage further, ongoing learning every module compiles the web’s best content on each subject including videos, TED talks, books, articles and more.

Ten minute microlearning

Loads of online modules

Beautiful content, engaging and high-quality

We know, we know. Off-the-shelf elearning is supposed to be boring. After all, it’s just there to tick a box, right? Here at Thrive we believe learning modules don’t have to be banal. Or beige. In fact, they should help your learners work better. Or think smarter. Or, you know, teach them how to pick up a box properly.

We’re here to help you inspire your learners through short, smart training interventions, covering a range of business-relevant subject areas. See below for all of our bundles.

Each module is available as a stand alone item if you just need one, or you are able to purchase them as ‘bundles’ – our term for a bespoke collection of our elearning modules.

We’ve created some recommended learning journeys for each subject area (we like to call them bundles), or you can build your own based on exactly what you need. Whatever you want, it’s yours. Check out our simple pricing below.

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What it costs…

for all modules.

We have over 130 modules ready to go now and will release a new one every 2 weeks – all yours.
Tired of subscribing to loads of content you don’t need?

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Simple, straightforward pricing

Elearning. However you want it.
Take your pick

We have three pricing options available:

Pick ‘n’ mix

Like some leadership modules, but want to add some management ones too? With our pick ‘n’ mix option, choose exactly which microlearning modules you need. No subscribing to whole catalogues when you only need a few modules – just clear, one-off annual payments give you access to the modules you need, without any of the unnecessary extras. Select from any of our courses.

Single modules

If you just need to train your staff on an individual subject, then every single one of our off the shelf elearning modules are available for purchase as standalone items. After all, we don’t want to sell you stuff you don’t need. Who wants that?

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To take all the complication out of your purchase, we’re keeping it simple. No confusing subscriptions to thousands of courses you’ll never use. You choose what works for you and your business; our straightforward pricing means you always know where you stand. And always get just what you need.

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Learner Experience Report

This impartial report examines data from over 1000 learners to better understand their wants, needs and expectations. It also explores what you can do to better meet those needs through actionable takeaways and genuine industry insights!

A must for anyone looking to get to grips with their learners in 2019!

Check it out!

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