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Sexual Harassment

53% of women and 20% of men have experienced sexual harassment at work. Our short microlearning module helps your learners to better understand and recognise sexual harassment as well as what to do when it happens.

Using hard hitting facts and data, video intros and more, this bite-sized off the shelf elearning module helps learners to better understand and grapple with the challenges and repercussions of sexual harassment in the workplace, all in under 10 minutes.

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The Important Stuff

  • Short, compelling elearning content keeps learners interested and engaged
  • Price per user? Nope. You pay for the module, not how many of your staff use it
  • Data, facts and figures contextualise the problem, keeping learners connected
  • Take only what you need - if you just need one module, it’s all yours. We’ll never sell you more than you need.
  • Ongoing training - suggested resources provide further learning opportunities
  • Perfect for educating employees on compliance matters as well as critical refresher training

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Training Outcomes

Learners who take this 'Sexual Harassment' off the shelf elearning module will learn:

  • What sexual harassment is, how to recognise it and how to challenge it, should it occur
  • Common misconceptions around sexual harassment and how to challenge well-recognised myths
  • The emotional and practical impacts sexual harassment can have on people and the wider business
  • How to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and how to report it if you’re a victim or witness it occurring
Thrive Learning - Off the shelf elearning - Equality and Diversity - Sexual harassment

Buying Options

All our off the shelf elearning modules are available on an annual subscription basis. We don’t price per user either; you’re paying for the module, not how many people will use it.

Check out our flexible pricing options below, designed to suit your needs.

Single Modules

We don’t really like restricting you or selling you stuff you don’t need. So, if you want just one module, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Unlimited modules, unlimited users

Love our content and want access to everything? Great news! You can subscribe annually to all our microlearning for just £5,000. No limit to users or course usage.

Pick ‘N’ Mix

Like some of the leadership modules, but want to add in some management ones too? Great – here at Thrive we’re not really into making you subscribe to loads of content that you don’t want (or need for that matter). Instead, simply select any of our courses and just pay our single module price for each module included.

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Does the number of people undertaking this module affect its price?

No. We believe you are paying for a product, not how many people are using it. Be it 10 or 10,000 learners – you pay the same annual costs.

How current is your elearning content?

We’re always iteratively improving our modules and doing our best to be bug free and up-to-date with any new legislation amends! Don’t worry – we’ll let you know when an updated version of your course is available.

Is any support offered with these elearning modules?

Of course! All of our modules come with a warranty which spans your entire subscription. This includes bug fixes, regular updates to content for legislation changes, accuracy or to just generally improve the modules.

What file formats will this module be provided in?

All modules are available in SCORM format.

Will this module work on mobile devices and tablets?

Yes! Our elearning content is built with your learners in mind; we understand that not everyone is able to sit at a desk to undertake learning. Unfortunately, most responsive authoring tools can turn learning content into a never ending scrolling nightmare, so we’ve done it differently.

Using our in-house authoring tool, Lucid, our learning offers a clean and intuitive user interface and provides learners with well-structured learning experiences which are consistent across all devices. Our training makes the most of the screen space available and doesn’t bombard your employees with information or relentless scrolling.


Learner Experience Report

This impartial report examines data from over 1000 learners to better understand their wants, needs and expectations. It also explores what you can do to better meet those needs through actionable takeaways and genuine industry insights!

A must for anyone looking to get to grips with their learners in 2019!

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