Our platform roadmap

Say goodbye to annual software releases. At THRIVE we launch new features as soon as they’re ready to go. Explore some of the game changing features we’re working on and watch them come to life over the coming months.


Video captioning

Video captioning

You’ll soon be able to upload subtitle files alongside videos and make these files available for download so that your learners can read the transcripts on the move. We are also hard at work on video thumbnail improvements, so you can pick the perfect thumbnail from your video to catch user attention.

Events overview

Events overview

We are refining our unique event management features to allow for greater scalability, adding an “upcoming events” tab for users and also streamlining our event invitation system so you get the maximum number of your learners to your next blockbuster event!

Improved interaction analytics

Improved interaction analytics

A big step to democratising your learning platform, we are adding in features that allow your users greater visibility on the performance of content posted on your platform. We are also introducing a brand new way to visualise the performance of pathways, videos and broadcasts over time so you can see exactly what is working and the impact of your campaigns in real time.

Edit and merge tags

merge tags

We’re constantly working on ways to help reduce the time needed to manage and maintain an agile skills framework. By enabling learners to create and contribute towards a skills framework it’s inevitable the odd typo will creep in, duplicates get created by mistake, or similar tags with a slight word change appear.

Previously, admins would have to delete each tag individually, create a new one, re-tag any content and update a user's learn page. With the new merge tag feature we’re working on, admins can now select multiple tags and merge them into a single one within the same process, vastly speeding up the process.

Audience management improvements

Audience management

Operating at scale means that L&D teams need the ability to manage large audiences, and curate learning experiences specifically for different teams and audiences. We’re refining how we tackle audience management by adding the ability to create audiences from CSV files and adding the ability to create exclusion rules for smart audiences.

Reporting dashboard

reporting dashboard

Data is best when it’s concise, shareable and impactful. We’re passionate about the power of data to impact L&D here at THRIVE and we’re enhancing our reporting capabilities so that you can configure reports for a wide range of users.

Soon you’ll be able to create different dashboards that are tailored to different functions in your organisation, and then grant different users access to these dashboards, so bespoke L&D data can be shared across your business easily and concisely.

HiBob integration

HiBob integration

We are adding to our extensive list of integrations with a stellar new partnership: HiBob! We already use HiBob internally to supercharge our HR efforts (alongside our very own THRIVE platform of course!) and we’re working super hard behind the scenes to enable users to link THRIVE’s blockbuster skills and goals features to their HiBob account.

Mobile improvements

THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform app, campaigns & content

As part of our commitment to learning at the point of need, we are rapidly enhancing our mobile experience. We’re optimising our push notifications, extending non-email user access to our learning app and adding the ability to edit and flag content from the mobile app.

These features are going to be a massive benefit for organisations with a large base of users who don’t have a company email and rely on our app to deliver learning experiences.

We never stand still. We are continuously innovating and evolving our product to stay ahead of the game, fuel growth and support ever-changing needs.

Mark Ward, THRIVE Co-founder

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