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Webinar series: The modern L&D mindset

Your LMS isn’t dead, but it has evolved. It’s time your mindset did too.

The world of L&D is moving faster than ever and like most things the traditional LMS has evolved too.

Learning technology can certainly boost your strategy, but it really starts with you. This three part webinar series shares how learning teams are evolving from the status quo to a modern culture where learning is self directed, micro and at the point of need. 

Join us for these three short sessions and get practical advice to modernise your L&D approach, futureproof your strategy and explore the tools you need to get ahead of digital transformation.

Part 1 : LMS vs LXP - What's the difference?

How learning tech's evolved 

  • How the learning landscape has evolved
  • Differences between an LMS and LXP
  • Modernising your L&D approach for a gen Z workforce

Part 2 : Why 2021 is the year for social learning 

How to prepare for UGC 

  • Why social learning is essential to futureproof your L&D strategy
  • Useful tips to harness the power of user generated content (UGC)
  • Examples of social learning wins.

Compliance training your learners will love

How to overcome "boring compliance"

  • Why it's essential to modernise your compliance strategy
  • The steps to making compliance training micro and digestible
  • Measuring the impact of L&D

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