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4 steps to bring your learning platform back to life!

It's spring cleaning season, and we are sharing our top tips for decluttering your learning platform and bringing it back to life!

Steph Hopwood Customer Success Manager

Hand holding a spray bottle

It’s the season of planting seeds and watching them grow, rebirth and revival or just a good time to don the rubber gloves and flick the feather duster. 

This month we're sharing our top tips with our THRIVE Tribe to give them the tools to give their learning platform the wow factor, and thought we would share these expert insights with the wider world! So make a cup of tea and settle in to learn how you can make your learning platform the best it's ever been this spring!

Is your branding making your platform pop?

If not, speak to your internal marketing/brand team. THRIVE recently introduced the ability for you to update the look and feel with a Theme Dashboard. Your logo, login page image and wireframe colours can all be updated. They can also help enhance your learning brand by creating imagery assets such as themed thumbnails and banners. No resource? Anyone design savvy with Canva or PowerPoint can create some pretty powerful pieces. Still a no? Speak to our Marketing Studio.

Click bait. 

You want your learning and content to pull people in and create curiosity. A simple tweak to a title or an inviting summary can garner more clicks. Use the notification message to ignite engagement, why should your learners want to find out more? Let’s not forget the tone of voice, does it fit your culture and brand? Does it sound more Dalek than human? A great example of human tone of voice is the Marketing geniuses at Innocent Drinks - take a look through their LinkedIn posts to get a feel and check out the engagement!

Clutter can make you feel disorganised and unable to focus.

Content clutter is no different! Our new content archiving feature enables our THRIVE Tribe to tidy up any outdated or tired content without removing your completion history. Be brave - think of this as your wardrobe clear out - does it fit? Has it been used in the last year? Does it even make sense anymore??!

Speaking of organisation, nothing can ruin a good user experience than pages of content with no direction (shudder - no Netflix of learning please). If you’ve bitten the bullet and archived, start to categorise the good stuff! There is probably a lot of content not surfaced in the right place for learners to find it, give it a good home. You could create a space in Explore, pull similar items together into a pathway or link content together. Your skills and topics are underpinned by tags - it’s great to tidy up any duplicates and correct tagging on content. If only there was an easier way to merge those pesky tags… WATCH THIS SPACE

Keep it fresh.

Your home feed is the face of your learning brand and should be topical, relevant and always have new learning opportunities to offer when logging in. Try experimenting with some of the home page block options such as trending and latest to let the platform do the work for you. Can you align with your comms team to strengthen their messaging and hit the right audiences with the need to know? If for some reason the business wants you to KEEP EVERYTHING SEPARATE then promote your own L&D comms - what workshops and programmes are coming up? What awareness dates can people get involved in? What impact have you seen as a result of your learning experiences? 

We don’t need to tell you about the Campaign tool. So many of our clients are experts in this feature and use it to celebrate, promote and hook learners attention with content to digest, reflect and return for more. If we’ve read the room wrong and we do in fact need to tell you about this snazzy tool, check out Helen’s Campaign? Nah, Campleasure guide.

Not sure where to start? Ask the audience! You have a direct channel to the people in your business who you’re trying to reach. Pull together a project team to feedback on the current platform look & feel. Send out a survey with a voucher incentive. A great way to find out if the navigation makes sense is to understand what learners are using the platform for currently, if it’s not the way you’re intending then you can identify the areas not currently working and change it up! 

Your THRIVE team have your back and would love to get involved - speak to your CSM (or our sales department if you aren't a current THRIVE customer) if you think your platform needs some TLC 💕 

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