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Picture this: We're your personal learning content creators. Crafting, designing, and mapping tailor-made learning experiences right to your learner's digital doorstep.

Customised learning experience:
because sometimes one size can’t fit all

Upskill, onboard and train your teams with Thrive Custom Content: your personal learning designers, building the tailor-made learning experiences your business needs right on your learning platform.
Whether it’s onboarding, product knowledge or leadership training, sometimes a personalised programme that understands your unique brand, culture and challenges is the answer. That’s why we've created Thrive Custom Content.
This is not the typical 45-minute SCORM course you're used to seeing. Our approach considers the entire learning experience, crafting micro-resources that your people actually want to engage with. Audio stories, video shoots, elearning and quizzes make up a dynamic learning journey that compels your teams from start to finish.

A 45-minute SCORM
course is never the answer

When you think of custom content, the image of a tedious 45-minute "click-next" elearning module comes to mind, right? Not with Thrive.
Our expert and trusted team thinks differently. This fresh take on customised digital content turns traditional learning design on its head.
We'll take your learning plans and programmes, break them down, and transform them into captivating learning journeys. Dividing up those chunky content topics, we seamlessly map out a learning journey bursting with bite-size, digestible and compelling content resources.

Building your learning programme

The way your custom learning experience takes shape is completely up to you and the behaviours you’re looking to change, but here’s a shopping list to give you an idea of what’s up for grabs:
10 minute Storyline modules
Video shoots and photo shoots
Booklets and guides
Refresher resources
Audio stories
Learning campaign assets
Practical tasks
Content uploaded and mapped on Thrive

A thriving approach to Custom Content

Looking for a bespoke partnership that’s straightforward, creative and impactful?

With Thrive Custom Content, it’s easy to outsource your tailor-made learning programmes and turn them into on-brand, microlearning experiences that get your learners excited.

The process is simple.



We’ll work together to define your challenges and understand the need.


Content workshop

Brainstorming ideas, concept creation and strategy programming.


Scripting, designing and voiceovers

The creative part!


Branded working prototypes

You’ll get something real to play around with.


Alpha and beta reviews

Feedback and any rounds of amends.


Content mapping

We’ll build out the learning journey directly on Thrive using pathways.


All source files provided

We'll never leave you in the lurch. You’ll get full access to everything we create together.


Thrive Impact Assessment

We’ll work together to review your new learning experiences and measure ROI.

Custom Content

Find out today how our Custom Content works perfectly alongside our industry-leading platform.

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