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Thrive features

From compliance management and social learning through to analytics and skills. Thrive has all the features you need to help achieve your learning goals. 

Everything you need in one platform.

With Thrive, it’s easy to create & curate relevant content, manage & progress skills, track performance with analytics and integrate your entire tech stack.

AI-powered learning

Thrive AI boosts learning with SME insights for instant upskilling.
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Compliance management

Keep on top of your company’s compliance training, from initial assignment all the way through to ensuring completion.

Social learning

With the learner-led functionality of an LXP, Social Learning is at the heart of Thrive putting your people first.

Learning content

Cater to the ways your teams learn the best. Our easy-to-use content creation tools mean Thrive supports a range of content formats and everyone can get involved sharing knowldege.


Good communication is the foundation of any successful team, and Thrive makes it easier than ever for people to connect.

Analytics & reporting

Listen to the data, and find out the story it’s telling you with Thrive’s robust Analytics and Reporting feature.

Skills & Goals

Help your learners reach their full potential with Skills and Goals, and track their path to success.


User management

With Thrive's User Management, you can make sure your learning content always reaches its intended audience.


Don't let your learning get lost in translation. Ensure your people get the message, no matter where they are.


Thrive's Events feature unites teams virtually. Share training and comms within the platform, keeping everyone informed.

User experience

The Thrive app mirrors the intuitive feel of social media, so nothing stands between your users and their learning.

Mobile App

Training doesn't just take place at a desk. Let your team take their learning anywhere with Thrive's accessible mobile app.

Connected in every way to sync into your current workflow

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