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Thrive features

From compliance management and social learning through to analytics and skills. Thrive has all the features you need to help achieve your learning goals. 

Everything you need in one platform.

With Thrive, it’s easy to create & curate relevant content, manage & progress skills, track performance with analytics and integrate your entire tech stack.

AI-powered learning

Thrive AI boosts learning with SME insights for instant upskilling.
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Compliance management

Keep on top of your company's compliance training, from initial assignment all the way through to completion. Thrive's Compliance Management features allow you to effortlessly assign training, track your team's development, and send reminders so that your people never miss an assignment.

Social learning

Bring your Subject Matter Experts' valuable knowledge out of their heads and onto the Thrive platform for the entire business to make use of. Social Learning features like User Generated Content, Comments and Shares make for a collaborative experience that everyone shares.

Learning content

Cater to every learning style with Thrive's Learning & Content features. From a robust microlearning catalogue packed with resources, to structured pathways that help users stay on track, Thrive pays attention to the ways in which real people learn.


Good communication is the cornerstone of any successful team, and Thrive makes it easier than ever for people to connect. From Notifications that ensure you never miss an update, to making a splash with the Campaigns feature, our platform unifies your team while making the most of workplace learning.

Analytics & reporting

Thrive's Reporting and Analytics features include everything from Graphical Reporting to Learner Behaviours. Everything is stored in one convenient Manager's Dashboard, and delivered to your inbox as the Manager's Digest. Listen to the data, and find out the story it’s telling you.

Skills & Goals

Make learning a highly personalised experience, and help your team achieve their goals with Thrive. User profiles, gamification and badges bring a sense of competition into the learning culture, while the Skills and Goals functionality allows your people to hit their professional targets.

User management

With Thrive's Management features, you can make sure your learning content is always reaching its intended audience. Audience-Based Enrolment allows you to target your training, and you can even assign Audience Managers to keep track of individual permissions.


With Thrive's Localisation features, you can translate the site text based on a user's selected preference, auto-translate articles and comments, and even add different languages manually to a piece of content. Don't let your learning get lost in translation.


Leave stuffy classrooms in the past, and future-proof your learning with our suite of Events features. You can create mandatory and optional events on the platform, send reminders, provide waitlists, and even take a virtual register with Thrive’s sophisticated Attendance Tracking abilities.

User experience

The user is the most important part of the equation - so make sure they're getting the most out of the platform with Thrive's User Experience features. Everything has been designed with the user in mind - from a fully customisable homepage with configurable blocks, through to suggested content that they’ll find relevant.

Mobile App

Training doesn't just take place at a desk. Thrive's Mobile App allows your users to take their learning on the go, with the ability to view and complete quizzes, videos, eLearning pathways and more. And with Offline Mode, they can complete essential content before synching it to their learning record when they're next connected.

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