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This is Thrive.

On a mission to empower modern employers with impactful solutions that effortlessly upskill their teams.


Doing things differently

Thrive Learning is the industry's fastest-growing learning technology company, empowering 3M+ users worldwide. 2019 was the year we rewrote the rule book and launched the first truly modern, all-in-one learning experience, because doing things differently is in our DNA.
The aim was to end the "we've always done it this way" mindset and get L&D putting their learners first. That’s why all our research and tech was built from listening to end users and making it addictive - because learning as just a tickbox exercise ends if we give them something they love.

Thrive by the numbers

Fast forward to today, we’ve replaced hundreds of traditional LMSs and Content Providers for over 350+ global brands including British Airways, Matalan and Volvo. At our core is delivering the industry's best customer experience - backed by 99% retention.
Year founded
Team members
LMSs replaced

Hundreds of companies. 99% customer retention.

Cut to the culture

This is the part where most companies present their values… But since when were we like most other organisations? Culture to us is more than a few buzzwords on an office wall, it’s a feeling and a way of life that binds us together.

1. Customers and learners come first.

2. It’s about progress, not perfection.

3. Think differently. 

4. Make an impact and deliver it with passion at pace.

5. Have each other's back. 

6. Push to learn and grow.

7. Find balance. Family comes first.

8. Let diversity and lived experiences set you apart.

9. Be the energy you want to attract.

10. Celebrate every win.

Empowering WomenIn leadership 

There’s always work to be done. Since day one, we’ve been passionate about giving women a platform and voice to power change. That’s why we’re proud to support the WomenIn community and stand above the industry average for women in leadership and management roles.

women in leadership

[industry average is 30%]


women in mid-authority

[industry average is 48%]


WomenIn members

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We win together

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