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What makes Thrive different?

It’s usually all about you. But here’s where you need to hear what we have to say… 

When we win, we win together.

We are the all-in-one solution to your problem  

Who said you can’t have it all? Because Thrive does. Since launching in 2019 as the first-ever Learning Experience Platform (LXP), we’ve evolved. Although we're still deeply rooted to the principles of social knowledge sharing, personalised experiences and world-class UX, we’ve grown into so much more.

Over the years, we’ve teamed up with customers like Vodafone, Sky, and Matalan to solve common challenges around skills and comms. Today, we’re proud to be used by hundreds of global companies -not just for training, but to communicate policies and business-critical messages as well as identify, progress and manage skills across their organisation. So, when we say ‘all-in-one,’ we really mean it.

Hundreds of companies. 99% customer retention.

We put learners first - always

It's true. Pretty much every other LMS you’ll encounter has been built for technical admins. Even if they market an “LXP inspired user-interface,” it’ll be plugged on top of a legacy way of learning. That’s why it’s no surprise learners are notoriously disengaged and unmotivated to learn. 

However, we've flipped the script. Building a new Learning Platform from scratch meant we could create something based on real-learner research and feedback that emulates the consumer-grade, point of need, desirable UI experiences your learners expect - and that’s why they love it!

We know the people behind our people

Thrive is more than a career. It’s part of your journey. We know our families and loved ones help us be the best versions of ourselves, and that’s why bringing them along for the ride is a must. 

We do this by encouraging flexibility, recognising work-life balance is a priority and a juggling act, and even including all the Thrive kids in our crazy culture-centric antics…

We support WomenIn

With a community-first mindset and a hunger to always do the right thing, Helen Marshall our CLO, identified a crucial gap: women in L&D and HR did not have many safe spaces to share and learn beyond their organisations. It was time to make a change and band together.

Founded by Thrive’s CLO, Helen Marshall, we cultivated a vibrant community of over 250 strong members in just two months. Today, WomenIn is a dynamic space where individuals from various backgrounds, including L&D, HR, OD, recruitment and coaching, come together to make a difference. Through networking, knowledge sharing, online events and meet-ups, WomenIn is a safe space for so many to ideate, upskill, grow confidence and so much more.

We love one-of-a-kind experiences

We go big on experiences. Our annual user conference is all about bringing the Thrive magic to life. With our passion to bring people together and belief that we have something to learn from everyone, it’s the only event in the industry that invites the business world to give their perspective on L&D.

With previous guests including Steven Bartlett, Grace Beverly, Stuart Broad, Jacqueline Gold, Karren Brady and Mo Gawdat, it really is a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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