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Three new recruits for the price of one.

We’ll spend time helping you set and prioritise your learning goals where we encourage all our customers to think impact-first. Hosting workshops to brainstorm ideas and initiatives, together we’ll identify and scope out your first project that’s full of activity and A/B tests that align to your objectives.

You’ll have expert creatives on-hand to ensure your launch or campaign hits the mark with your learners. The first step to results is securing engagement. We’ll help you harness marketing know-how to really change behaviours, and of course ensure your Learning Platform always feels fresh and modern.
From there, our Data Analysts experiment and refine, using marketing assets to A/B test different variables within the project. We’ll then build out custom reports to help you keep track of progress and encourage you to bring in the data points your organisation cares about to ramp up evidence.

Lastly, we’ll help you shout about your success with evidence that’s ready to present back to your business. It can even be used as part of an award-winning submission that we’ll write for you!

More people power for less

Test and refine - how we’ll work together

Thrive Impact is the extra people power you need to boost your learning campaigns, run projects with a test and analyse approach, and use data to deliver on the success you set. 

Bringing in masterminds from Data, Design and Marketing for a fraction of the cost offers a cost-effective solution to take your investment to the next level. 

You’ll get the resources to guarantee your campaigns land, the guidance to demonstrate the impact your team is having, and the evidence to showcase it right back to your business.

Your Thrive Impact journey

How Ann Summers evidenced sales impact 

Iconic retail giant Ann Summers sought to enhance customer service and product training for their 800+ retail employees. Implementing Thrive in 2022, they achieved a remarkable 98% adoption rate across the Platform, enabling consistent, measured and effective learning experiences. 

Partnering with Thrive, they conducted an experiment focusing on key products to improve store strike rates (sales). The learning experience outperformed expectations, increasing strike rates overall from 14.8% to 23% across all regions. Their test group excelled, with a 25% strike rate 5% above targets set, showcasing the transformative impact of their blended learning programme.

How much will it cost?

£20,000 per year.

  • Workshops aligned to your success metrics
  • Resource on-hand from a Marketing Expert, Designer, & Data Analyst
  • Creative assets to support your campaigns
  • Bespoke data analysis & reporting
  • Data-backed award-winning submissions

When we win, we win together.

Meet the team

Your team of experts

Meet the experts from Data & Analytics, Marketing and Design who make up the Thrive Impact team - delivering the boost your learning campaigns need to truly make an impact.
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See Thrive in action

Explore what impact Thrive could make for your team and your learners today.

See Thrive in action

Explore what impact Thrive could make for your team and your learners today.


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