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AI for learning

Powering productivity, Thrive AI for learning has the knowledge of all your best SMEs, coaches and Mentors to help your people learn better, upskill faster and get answers instantly.
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Get dynamic & instant answers

User expectations are changing. No longer is there a need for further reading, selecting from multiple search results or human interpretation. Thrive will be directly insightful when searching for answers. Instant responses can be long form and always keep the conversation going so your learners can dig deeper.

Save time with summaries

Generate learning summaries for all your resources and content types - Yep. Even your SCORM packages.

Easy access

Tools that enable users to access answers to their questions from wherever they're at and with whichever device they are using.

Totally personalised

Answers are tailored to the individual, including context about the role, location and experience of the user.

Take creating and curating content to the next level

Give your people the most compelling and captivating ways to create, curate, and share knowledge. Thrive’s AI Authoring Tool will empower people to create effective content in an efficient way, that users can share with the right people within their organisation.

AI powered content authoring

Automate production, scale tagging and embed quality checks to keep new and existing content on point.

Blended experience

Integrate the best resources from a range of sources to create dynamic experiences which offer flexibility and personalisation.

Social learning

Share knowledge and resources with others, making it easier than ever to offer autonomy for users and reassurance for administrators.

Better understand your learning data

Never miss a trick with AI-powered data analysis. Thrive knows every interaction and engagement on your Thrive Platform. Acting as your own AI-powered Data Analyst, you’ll be able to take the work out of analysing learner behaviour, identifying skills and knowledge gaps and simply request new ways to visually showcase your data and what it means for your business.

AI-custom reporting

Ask questions in natural language and generate bespoke dashboards to explore all the interactions, completions and engagement on Thrive.

Connect 3rd party platforms

Using xAPI, you can monitor and analyse data from a huge range of compatible 3rd party platforms.

See Thrive in action

Explore what impact Thrive could make for your team and your learners today.

Guide people on the best way to upskill

Your AI-driven coach and mentor. Thrive will guide your learners on the best and most relevant ways to upskill and develop themselves by having conversations that intuitively direct them to their next learning opportunity, even if they haven't thought of it themselves!

AI-suggested Skills & Goals

Automate the creation of goals with recommended suggestions based on an individual's prompts and behaviour.


Meaningful and empathetic conversations that prompt learning opportunities based on the needs and circumstances of the learner.