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Members of our #ThriveTribe

Webinar recording: How to build a learning content strategy from scratch

Webinar recording: What can L&D learn from TikTok?

What can L&D teams learn from TikTok’s wins? Sign up now to watch the recording

Demo recording: THRIVE LXP Tour

Sign up and watch this free live demo where we give you a tour around THRIVE LXP.


Download this anti racism video and resource and share it across your organisation

Webinar recording: Why microlearning is the most important tool in your learning content strategy

Looking to reshape your learning content strategy but don't know where to start?

How to build a business case: ROI checklist

This ROI checklist shares step-by-step instructions on how to help busy L&D teams identify ROI

LMS to LXP: Essential steps to transform workplace learning

Everything you need to know about upgrading from a traditional LMS to and LXP.

Simple steps to digitise classroom training

Simple steps to digitise your classroom training with little to no time, effort, or resource.

10 Steps to successfully embed a learning platform

Self directed learning culture. Just-in-time learning. Community learning. Social learning.

Ebook: What is an LXP?

LMS. Social learning. Personalisation. Intranet. What is a Learning Experience Platform?!

“Our first 6 months with an LXP” – DECIEM

How DECIEM transformed learning culture in 6 short months.

Changing Learning Cultures: A How To Guide

Changing learning cultures is more than introducing new tech. This guide helps you get started.

LXP – Ten features you can’t compromise on

LMS or LXP, what's the difference, really? This guide explains the ten features any good LXP needs.

LXP on-demand demo

Delve into the world of our LXP with this free on-demand demo. The best 30 minutes of your week!

LXP Features – Personalise

Discover the personalisation feature works in our Learning Experience Platform in this short demo.

Learning Experience Platform features

Learn more about our LXP's main features in this free, downloadable PDF.

Learning Experience Platform overview

Discover our best of breed learning platform: combining social learning, personalisation and more.

Data has a better idea webinar

Better data = better learning. Our in-house data nerd shows how to capture, analyse and use data.

Learner Engagement Webinar

Learn more about how to meet the needs of modern learners with this 30 minute webinar on engagement.

Learner Engagement Report

OnePoll research unveils modern learner expectations and key insights for how to meet their needs.


Learner Experience Report

This impartial report examines data from over 1000 learners to better understand their wants, needs and expectations. It also explores what you can do to better meet those needs through actionable takeaways and genuine industry insights!

A must for anyone looking to get to grips with their learners in 2019!

Check it out!

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