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Learning on the road: Supporting National Highways’ dispersed teams

On Wednesday 31st July at 2 PM, National Highways’ Learning Experience Platform Manager, Ian Morris and L&D Design Team Lead, Matt Hindle join Josh Devanny to share how they use Thrive to support 10,000+ hard-to-reach colleagues who operate, maintain and improve motorways and roads across the UK.

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What's next for L&D? The future of AI, skills and workplace learning

It’s an exciting time for the world of Learning and Development. With the introduction of AI making a big impact across the industry, what lies ahead for the future and how will workplace learning and skills evolve?

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Communication in learning: Why words matter

In this piece, we’ll explore the connection between communication and learning – and why they are so closely intertwined

The future of AI for learning and development

An analysis of how tech vendors can support teams through the AI-related opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Evolving your learning strategy

A practical look at what forward-thinking organisations are doing to develop their people

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