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5 ways to use ChatGPT for workplace learning

Heard of ChatGPT? Of course you have! Here's five ways that the L&D community can use this cutting edge technology to enhance learner experience.

Matt Bristow Digital Marketing Specialist

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As the Indiana Jones of the learning tech world, just with less whips and more elearning content, we’ve found an undiscovered gem this week:


It’s super lowkey at the moment, there’s only a few posts about it on LinkedIn and they only have a small handful of millions of users

Ok. I’m going to drop this whole charade before it gets away from me or you start thinking (or realising, who knows at this point) I don’t know what I’m talking about. 

Everyone knows what ChatGPT is by now, it’s basically imploded the internet. But it’s not just the domain of LinkedIn flim flammers and people missing the point of the film Her by actually trying to live it. 

Tools like ChatGPT and Copy.AI are undoubtedly going to make a huge dent in almost all industries, if not just by sheer amount of content being created around it. Aside from your CEO asking how to double revenue, there’s actually a lot of cool implications for L&D from ChatGPT’s meteoric rise (and the inevitable copycats that are coming after the flood of investment in AI off the back of it).

Simplifying search

Look, Google is great, we all love Google, please don’t punish our ranking for this almighty Google. But if you want quick answers to questions, Google can sometimes err on the side of expansive lists of content that can be a bit of a slog to get through. ChatGPT is easy to use for quick snappy answers, and especially for tailoring results to a particular style or even specifically for brevity. It comes down to the fact that it is removing a step in the user journey, which as a marketer I absolutely love.

The google journey goes : 

Search > click link > read content

Whereas ChatGPT allows users to : 

Search > read simplified  content

One step less! This means if you want quick information on something like Kirkpatrick's 4 Levels of Evaluation or on social learning theory, you can grab that really quickly in the flow of work, rather than going through articles and ending up down a 4 hour YouTube rabbit hole on how the Earth is actually the shape of a rugby ball.

Content creation

Oh, we love content in L&D. Content is the name of the game, the sole owner of the game and has all the advertising rights to the game in perpetuity, throughout the universe forever and ever. And ChatGPT is literally a content machine. 

However, L&D often has so much on that creating content can be added to the backburner in favour of more analytical pursuits or high priority items from the senior leadership team.

Whilst not absolutely perfect (and shouldn’t be trusted wholesale with creating content) ChatGPT can be a valuable resource to create the building blocks of content which can then be refined by an experienced L&Der, vastly saving time.

A/B testing

If you are committed to adopting a marketing mindset to your learning, then you’ll want to be A/B testing your content, to work out how best to drive engagement. And coming up with scores of slightly different titles is a surefire way to dull the grey matter. Instead, you can ask ChatGPT to help out with creating these variations as I did below, which give you quick and easy ways to generate A/B test variations.

Video idea generation

Do you want to create engaging video content, but you have a reduced resource as a team so it’s hard to brainstorm? Not with ChatGPT.

It is such a fantastic inspiration tool for coming up with new ideas, and it works fantastically well to help get the ball rolling on a brief for your video creation team. Try mixing up different animation ideas and styles to fit your L&D brand and it can roll with the punches, creating a bunch of different ideas in each category.

Creating fun platform launch ideas

One of the keys to creating a successful platform launch is nailing launch day. It’s the perfect time to drum up excitement about your new platform and create a buzz. However, it can also be a daunting prospect to face as a small L&D team. Whilst you can draw inspiration from other launches, it can be hard to really tailor them to your brand. You guessed where this is going…

ChatGPT is fantastic at generating ideas to get the ball rolling, which you can then refine if you want, but it’s like having a whole extra person in your team, and one that doesn’t get annoyed by you asking ten million questions!

We’ve given you a bunch of ideas here, but as you can see the possibilities are endless with a tool like ChatGPT. So endless in fact, that I thought I’d ask for its opinion on this blog!

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